Trekking in the Himalayas

Did You Know…

... ZEISS Is Keeping an Eye on the Himalayas?

Adventurer and travel photographer Jürgen Sedlmayer and his wife Manuela toured the mountains of Asia for six weeks. Their travels took them to the formerly independent Buddhist kingdom of Mustang, which is now part of Nepal.

Public transportation was not necessary, as they made their journey across the last kingdom in Nepal on horseback. The first leg of their trek was impeded by monsoon rains and mudslides, but the rest of their trip was all the more delightful in comparison.

With their three horses, a porter, a person to look after the horses, and a guide, the couple crossed rivers and overcame other adventurous challenges. Another loyal companion accompanied them wherever they went as well: a pair of Victory 10 x 32 T* FL binoculars. These ZEISS binoculars are the quintessence of optical excellence in a compact design. Their ease of use guarantees that they are always at the ready – and their lightweight construction is a real advantage for users on long expeditions.

Jürgen Sedlmayr has been traveling the world for more than 15 years now, bringing the most beautiful memories back to Germany with him. In 1997, he drove a whopping 12,000 kilometers through Norway in an all-terrain vehicle. For two months in 1998, he traversed Greenland – the world’s largest island – on foot. And to make sure he never misses anything, he always has his trusty ZEISS binoculars at his side.

14 December 2010