Facts and figures

Financial Highlights of the ZEISS Group

The ZEISS Group prepares its consolidated financial statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Revenue and Employees

Employees (30 September)
2015/16 EUR 4.88b 25.433
2014/15 EUR 4.51b 24.946
2013/14 EUR 4.29b 24.817


2015/16 EUR 615m
2014/15 EUR 369m
2013/14 EUR 360m

Equity ratio

  as a % of total equity and liabilities
30.9.2016 25%
30.9.2015 25%
30.9.2014 25%

Research and development expenses

2015/16 EUR 436m
2014/15 EUR 466m
2013/14 EUR 448m

Revenues of the Segments in Fiscal Year 2015/16

Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
EUR 972m
Research & Quality Technology
EUR 1.466m
Medical Technology
EUR 1.290m
Vision Care / Consumer Products
EUR 1.089m

Status: 30 September 2016

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