The moment in which room for new perspectives opens up.

This is the moment we work for.

ZEISS Forum and ZEISS Museum of Optics

The ZEISS Forum with the integrated Museum of Optics is a place of encounters. In an area of 5000 m², it unites conference and event facilities with a museum. Experience extraordinary architecture and leading-edge technology while you enjoy fascinating insights into the history of innovation at ZEISS.

ZEISS Forum (available in German only)

The ZEISS Forum offers 20 rooms with state-of-the-art conference and communications technology for conventions, symposiums, workshops, meetings and events. Its inspiring architecture unites openness, flexibility, comfort and convenience. Here you’ll find science, art, culture and politics under a single roof.

ZEISS Museum of Optics

In the new ZEISS Museum of Optics, visitors will discover 1000 fascinating exhibits. Learn all about the development of important products and technologies in the world of optics at ZEISS. You can try out numerous exhibits yourself, and you’ll enjoy the planetarium with a 4.6 meter dome.