Carl Zeiss Year 2016

ZEISS Celebrated 200th Birthday of Its Founding Father

Who is Carl Zeiss?

From craftsman to entrepreneur

He built microscopes in Jena from 1846 onwards. Together with Ernst Abbe, he succeeded in placing the construction of microscopes on a scientific foundation. This was the basis of today's global player ZEISS.

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Carl Zeiss (1816 – 1888)

A Visionary Entrepreneur

Carl Zeiss was born in the German city of Weimar on 11 September 1816. The company ZEISS celebrated the 200th birthday of its founder with many different activities and events.

The mechanic Carl Zeiss opened a small workshop for precision mechanics and optics in Jena in 1846, laying the foundation for today's global technology player ZEISS. His work shaped the reputation of the city of Jena as an international center for optics and photonics and home to globally operating companies and prestigious research institutes.

Carl Zeiss already had direct contact with scientists and mathematicians from the University of Jena during his training. Within a very short time after founding his workshop, he built up a base of customers by repairing their scientific instruments or producing them to their own specifications. The networking of industry and science which he created is still practiced to this very day. His passion for precision is legendary and still characterizes the company ZEISS, its employees and its products today.

ZEISS celebrated its prominent founder together with players from the city of Jena, the ZEISS sites in Germany and abroad, and partners from science, industry and society.