Corporate responsibility is of key importance and has a tradition at ZEISS that spans over 130 years. As a company of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, responsible action is a top priority for ZEISS, and is a contributing factor to its long-term success – whether in regard to its employees, its social engagement, the environment, or integrity and compliance.

ZEISS operates in almost 50 countries worldwide. In every nation, we stand for and promote diversity, tolerance and openness, and categorically reject violence. We believe that these values are the only path toward a peaceful, prosperous and modern world, in which all people are equal under the law. We stand against intolerance, racism, violence and extremism.

Climate Action at ZEISS – Globally Carbon-Neutral by 2025

This goal is part of ZEISS' sustainability strategy and builds on its ongoing improvements regarding environmental performance.

ökologischer Fussabdruck

ZEISS aims to operate in a carbon-neutral way in all its own global activities by 2025. This supplements the company's existing goal of switching to green power at its main sites worldwide by 2022. ZEISS is therefore making a contribution to the global targets set in the Paris Agreement of limiting global warming to below 2°C.

How we support sustainability

03 June 2021

Clear Objectives for a Sustainable Future

ZEISS is taking part in "50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders," the international sustainability campaign run by TBD Media and Bloomberg.

ZEISS is one of 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders, the international sustainability campaign run by TBD Media and Bloomberg. The video presents ZEISS' clear objectives for a sustainable future. It uses the Consumer Markets segment as an example of how ZEISS is optimizing its use of resources while continuing to work on sustainable innovations vis-à-vis internal processes, customers and consumers, as well as society at large.

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The Bay Area-based new ZEISS Innovation Center is designed to promote customer, science and employee collaborations.
31 March 2021

ZEISS Opens High-Tech Center to Leverage New Digital and Other Market Opportunities in North America

ZEISS, the leading global optics and optoelectronics technology company, has completed construction of its new R&D, production, sales and customer service site in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bringing together hundreds of ZEISS employees and key functions under one roof, represents a major milestone in the company’s international innovation and growth strategy. The ZEISS Innovation Center in Dublin meets the highest green energy and sustainability standards. The building is powered by solar energy, supported by use-based light and air controls and a heat recovery system. Sophisticated light and insulation technologies help regulate the indoor temperature.

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29 January 2021

New Sustainability Report Published

ZEISS it taking responsibility in many ways. As a foundation-owned company, ZEISS promotes scientific and technological progress, and campaigns for better living conditions worldwide. Whether in the interests of social and societal engagement, its employees, the environment, products and the value chain or integrity and compliance, responsible action has always been a top priority at ZEISS.

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02 December 2020

Sustainability at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions: It All Adds Up

Using resources responsibly, reducing CO2 emissions and relying on the right partners – this is how ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions contributes to sustainability.

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30 October 2020

Green, Safe & Responsible – for Greater Sustainability in Eye Care

In 2017, the ZEISS Vision Care strategic business unit began using the motto "Green, Safe & Responsible" to pool over 280 initiatives in a global program to strategically anchor and drive sustainability.

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The battery powered MAN eTGM truck run by Schwarz Logistik GmbH will shuttle between Herbrechtingen and Oberkochen three to four times a day during the test phase in order to deliver the preliminary products needed at any given time by the ZEISS Production departments.
13 October 2020

Green Logistics: E-Truck Pilot Project at ZEISS

We had to think a little bigger – no, it's not an electric car, but an electric truck! The electrically powered MAN eTGM will be hitting the road today for ZEISS as part of the vehicle fleet run by Schwarz Logistik GmbH. ZEISS is using the pilot project – which is being monitored by Aalen University – to test the suitability of electric commercial vehicles as part of the company's logistics. This constitutes yet another step on the road to greater sustainability for ZEISS Logistics.

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07 October 2020

Greater Sustainability through Additive Manufacturing

Switching to 3D printing meant the strategic business unit ZEISS Consumer Products could lower costs while saving energy and reducing its CO2 emissions.

Responsibility is of key importance and has a long tradition at the ZEISS Group. It involves effective environmental protection and the responsible use of resources. ZEISS has thus devised a set of ambitious reduction targets and is working tirelessly throughout the company to reduce its consumption and emissions. From product development, manufacturing and sales through to the product's use by the customer, a key consideration is the efficient use of materials and energy. Since every reduction in energy consumption also decreases CO2 emissions, ZEISS is doing something good for the climate, too. At the same time, costs are optimized and processes enhanced – as was the case with a project from the Consumer Products strategic business unit. There, assembly and special tools used to be produced through machining, but this has been replaced with 3D printing.

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31 January 2020

Contributing to the global sustainability agenda

In autumn 2015, the United Nations adopted the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which extend to the year 2030. The private sector is also called upon to make its contribution to globally equitable and wealth-creating development within the limits of the earth's capacity. ZEISS is committed to this agenda and wants to contribute to its implementation. The company is aware that all sustainability goals are important and require support.

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31 January 2020

ZEISS Sustainability Report for the 2018/19 financial year

The Sustainability Report relates to the 2018/19 financial year and describes how the company contributes to sustainable development, the goals it has set itself, the structures it has created and the measures it has taken.

You can find the current sustainability report, the non-financial report and further information on the topic here.

10 October 2019

ZEISS Lays the Foundation for Greater Sustainability

The company has adopted steps for greater sustainability as well as measures to become carbon neutral.

At ZEISS, sustainable business practices have always been a fundamental principle underpinning our business activities. Ultimately, a commitment to the common good and solving important issues impacting society are part of our Foundation Company's core identity.

That's why ZEISS has been able to keep its CO2 emissions nearly constant since 2010 – even as revenue doubled and value added increased.

With the start of the new fiscal year 2019/20, ZEISS has adopted additional, concrete measures to further strengthen sustainability.

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Stories from the world of sustainability

25 September 2019

Looking Ahead

Not only do children suffering from albinism have to protect their skin from the sun, their eyes are also sensitive to the light and suffer from visual impairments. That’s what prompted European experts to support a home in Tanzania where they could examine the albino kids. They took with them 166 pairs of glasses equipped with special filters – and the hope of helping the kids become more independent.

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11 October 2018

Eyeglasses for Improved Quality of Life

More than two billion people around the world have no access to vision testing and eye exams because there are no ophthalmologists or optometrists in their region. Since 2015, ZEISS has been teaming up with nongovernmental organizations, foundations and small local businesses in ther Aloka Vision Programme to deliver basic eye care to remote parts of rural India. Thanks to these partnerships, as well as user-friendly digital platforms and optimized supply chains, Aloka has made it possible to perform up to 8,000 eye exams per month and sell as many as 2,300 pairs of glasses.

More about the Aloka Vision Programme

23 November 2017

Dedicated to Protecting Eagle-Owls

Bettina and Axel Kelm think owls are fascinating creatures. They act as volunteers to help protect the habitat of the world’s biggest owl, the Eurasian eagle-owl, which is struggling for survival in southern Germany. Their first task is to track down the birds’ territories and nesting sites. This information makes it easier to protect eagle-owls from disturbance by forestry work, sports activities, and other encroachments on their habitat.

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07 July 2017

Saving Sight in the Amazonas

Cataracts are one of the disorders of the eye that can ultimately lead to blindness. Read here how diagnostic techniques to help save people’s sight in the Amazonas basin.

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