Strategy and Key Areas of Activity

As a company owned by a foundation, sustainability and business success are inextricably linked at ZEISS. Sustainable value creation is a fixed component of the company's strategy, which focuses on innovative solutions that contribute to positive development in society and enables long-term, profitable growth.

Goals and Values

As a foundation-owned company, social responsibility is one of the most important goals shaping the ZEISS Group’s business operations. Codified by the founder of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, our obligations include profitable growth, responsibility toward our employees, a commitment to society and social issues as well as the advancement of science and education.

The company still upholds these same ambitions today. ZEISS’ products allow it to make a contribution to research and development worldwide and improve many people’s lives. This is another aspect that sets ZEISS apart as a pioneer in the field of scientific optics – namely, the profound belief that the company’s fundamental mission goes far beyond simply generating profits.

Our Approach to Sustainability

ZEISS understands that growth is only possible in an intact environment that is open to innovation. Only companies that respect the needs and motivations of others – particularly customers, business partners, employees and local communities – and cooperate with them on an ongoing basis can achieve long-term business success.

The approach taken by ZEISS to address, implement and integrate the requirements for responsible and sustainable business practices in its day-to-day operations is divided into five key areas of activity: Integrity and Compliance, Products and the Value Chain, Environment, Employees and Social Engagement.

Drivers of Innovation

With its innovations, ZEISS drives progress, efficiency and the success of its customers as the basic requirement for its own economic success. That is why ZEISS strives to proactively shape markets through the evolution of existing products and the development of new ones. As part of this process, innovation at ZEISS is always placed within the context of society as a whole. The primary objective of all innovations is to meet customers' requirements now and in the future. The optical and optoelectronic technologies from ZEISS pave the way for new scientific findings and many innovations in other industries. Life sciences like bionics and medical technology will become more and more vital for a modern society. And the developments in semiconductor technology enable digitalization in industry and society. Intelligent sensor systems, different types of robotics and artificial intelligence increasingly shape how people live and work. In order to advance the ecological sustainability of its own products, ZEISS is supplementing its innovation management practices with sustainability themes such as circular economy and recycling.

Further information is available in the current Sustainability Report.

If you have any questions or comments on sustainability at ZEISS, please write to us at: respons ibility @zeiss .com