Approach to Responsibility

As a company owned by a foundation, sustainability and business success are inextricably linked at ZEISS. Sustainable value creation is a fixed component of the company's strategy, which focuses on innovative solutions that contribute to positive development in society and enables long-term, profitable growth.

Foreword of the Executive Board

Prof. Dr. Michael Kaschke
Dr. Michael Kaschke, President and CEO

Dear Readers,

For ZEISS, business success is closely intertwined with corporate responsibility. Since 1889, the Carl Zeiss Foundation Statute has
set a clear course: in addition to business growth while also accepting responsibility for the company's employees, it stipulates the continued promotion of science and education as a corporate responsibility.

Through its modern approach to sustainability, ZEISS is building on these historic values and assuming responsibility for sustainable development with its business activities.

ZEISS product solutions for ophthalmology, neurosurgery and ENT surgery drive medical progress and improve patients' quality of life. Eyeglass lenses from ZEISS help people around the world enjoy better vision. And intelligent measuring systems from ZEISS enable precise inspections in quality assurance within the aerospace and energy industries, thereby contributing to the production of safe and energy-efficient components. ZEISS semiconductor manufacturing equipment is defining the microelectronics age and makes microchips increasingly powerful as well as more energy- and cost-effective.

For ZEISS, impactful environmental protection begins at its own facilities, which is why we have set specific reduction targets for energy and CO2 emissions along with waste and water. Last year, we were able to reduce our relative CO2 emissions by 47 percent as compared to our reference year 2019/10. By the end of the upcoming fiscal year, we intend to achieve a reduction of 50 percent. We have also established quantifiable targets for occupational health and safety.

Further strengthening the impact of our activities in the broad field of sustainability requires carefully documented and exact reporting. To meet the European CSR reporting requirements, we have published a separate Non-Financial Report for the first time that has been reviewed by an auditing company. This Sustainability Report supplements the Non-Financial Report. It was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, covers relevant concepts and performance indicators for fiscal year 2017/18 and thereby ensures transparent sustainability management.


Prof. Dr. Michael Kaschke
President and Chief Executive Officer

Highlights from Fiscal Year 2017/18


Week of Sight featured initiatives and provided information on the subject of vision and preventable blindness throughout the company


Basic compliance training available worldwide as an eLearning in 14 languages


German Management Team event on "Sustainability as a Success Factor" highlights the relevance of this topic to the company's business


Publication of the first Sustainability and the Group directive on occupational health and safety


Kick-off event for 2018 in Germany with focus on "Rethinking Education" and the first ZEISS MINT Awards (MINT = STEM, science, technology, engineering and mathematics)


Company-wide environmental and occupational health and safety targets defined


First sustainability conference hosted by the Vision Care strategic business unit in Guangzhou, China, with employees from the Asia/Pacific region


Internal "ZEISS Diversity Days" campaign featuring 35 events in 14 countries


Opening of a Green, Safe & Responsible Experience Center for employees and visitors in China


First participation in CDP climate reporting (previously: Carbon Disclosure Project)


Pilot project with a new carpooling app for employees in Germany


eLearning on sustainability available on the global ZEISS Learning Platform


Further information is available in the current Sustainability Report.

If you have any questions or comments on sustainability at ZEISS, please write to us at: respons ibility @zeiss .com