ZEISS Lays the Foundation for Greater Sustainability

At ZEISS, sustainable business practices have always been a fundamental principle underpinning our business activities. Ultimately, a commitment to the common good and solving important issues impacting society are part of our Foundation Company's core identity.

That's why ZEISS has been able to keep its CO2 emissions nearly constant since 2010 – even as revenue doubled and value added increased.

With the start of the new fiscal year 2019/20, ZEISS has adopted additional, concrete measures to further strengthen sustainability.

Closer integration of sustainability in the strategy and the creation of a new position, Head of Sustainability, for the ZEISS Group

As a Member of the Strategic Corporate Development leadership team, the Head of Sustainability will drive the ZEISS Sustainability Strategy and report directly to the CEO. Dr. Nicole Ziegler will assume this position in October 2019 and also serve as a global contact.

With the creation of this function, ZEISS is more closely integrating sustainability and climate protection than ever before on all strategy levels.

More specifically, this strategy will focus on all development and investment plans, e.g. for buildings, machines and equipment, as well as high-volume products and the accompanying logistics. Suitable controlling and reporting structures will also be established. 

CO2 neutral energy consumption by 2022 and other climate protection measures

ZEISS energy consumption worldwide will be CO2 neutral by 2022.

CO2 neutrality will first be achieved in Germany and then globally. To the extent possible:

  • Only accredited "green" energy will be purchased
  • Whenever possible, the company will provide the energy itself, e.g. with photovoltaic and geothermal technology
  • Otherwise, accredited CO2 certificates will be purchased to achieve carbon offset with quick impact

A suitable offset will also be in place for carbon-neutral gas consumption.

By implementing these measures, it will be possible to realize reductions totaling 70% of ZEISS' current emissions resulting from the company's own energy needs ("Scope 1") and indirect emissions from the purchase of energy ("Scope 2").

Part of sustainable economic success and strengthening our company's resilience is the continual reduction of energy and resource consumption in all processes. The Sustainability Report for the ZEISS Group lays out the foundations for these.