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The last few years in particular have shown that working from a distance does not need to be a disadvantage. On the contrary, connecting virtually often has its advantages. Virtual reality is a helpful technology that is ushering in the future of work. ZEISS has been training its technical support staff around the world with it since 2021, letting the company overcome national borders.

How VR Training Works

The participants of virtual reality (VR) training are given the necessary hardware and do not have to take care of anything else. The VR training lets our employees come together in a virtual space wherever they are in the world. We make a point of personal interaction even if it is not possible for everyone to get together in person. “It is the mix of methods that makes the difference. Virtual reality, PowerPoint, videos, live remote access – our training equipment enables high-quality and varied remote training that is just as good as in-person training in every way,” explains Jan Schmitt, Lead Trainer for Technical Support Engineers, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions.

Update training for the GeminiSEM scanning electron microscope was rolled out in April 2021 for ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions’ Electron Microscopy Technical Support team in Oberkochen, Germany. ZEISS has offered it as regular training for technical support engineers ever since. The success of this professional development program speaks for itself – qualitatively and quantitatively.

GeminiSEM Update Training

GeminiSEM Update Training Figures

training hours in 2021 through 10 courses
people trained from 15 countries globally in 2021
euros saved on unnecessary travel
tonnes less CO₂ by avoiding physical travel

Alessandro Oliviero Technical Support Engineer from Cambridge, UK

Thanks to the VR training, I didn’t need to travel out to Oberkochen. It let me spend a bit more time with my family at home after my vacation. And it still felt like I was there with the other participants.

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Knowledge Transfer 2.0

VR training is an optimal fit not only for training purposes, but also for refreshing knowledge again later on if needed. The trainers can also demonstrate things that cannot be shown in reality. All this means that the support engineers can more effectively internalize the content of the training. “While ZEISS has not yet exhausted all the potential of VR-based professional development, it will continue to expand on it,” says René Sewcz, Service and Support Specialist, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions, “For example, the first batches of training content are already available for additional virtual microscopes. We are also planning a wide expansion of VR-based training to include electron, light, and X-ray microscope systems.”

ZEISS trains employees globally with methods that include modern VR training.
ZEISS trains employees globally with methods that include modern VR training.

Virtual Reality (VR) in Use:
ZEISS trains employees globally with methods that include modern VR training.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Training

Increased training quality through improved visualization of technical context

Reduced costs and boosted productivity from travel expense savings

More usage options for participants, trainers, and local technical support structures

Increased employee satisfaction thanks to greater flexibility

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