ZEISS Sustainability Report

for Fiscal Year 2019/20

Complimentary eye exams and eyeglasses equipped with special filters for children suffering from albinism. Innovative, virtual learning formats that get employees ready for the digital, networked world of work. Energy-efficient products like the ZEISS ASTERION planetarium projector, where LED light sources permit energy savings of over 75 percent. Resource-saving production methods like 3D printing and alternative logistics concepts that help reduce the amount of CO2 emissions due to transportation.

Sustainability anchored in ZEISS strategy and CO2 neutrality target set for 2025

These are just some of the many ways in which ZEISS is taking responsibility. As a foundation-owned company, ZEISS promotes scientific and technological progress, and campaigns for better living conditions worldwide. Whether in the interests of social and societal engagement, its employees, the environment, products and the value chain or integrity and compliance, responsible action has always been a top priority at ZEISS. The brand attribute "Responsible" embeds this topic in the brand and in the ZEISS strategy.

"With this move, sustainability has received greater importance in the ZEISS Group's strategic orientation," says Dr. Nicole Ziegler, Head of Sustainability at ZEISS. "Our aim is to embed sustainable action throughout the company, rendering it measurable and developing it further." Another ambitious goal the company set itself at the start of the new fiscal year is to achieve CO2 neutrality in its own activities by 2025. This supplements the company's existing goal of switching to green power by 2022.

The Sustainability Report for fiscal year 2019/20 demonstrates how ZEISS takes responsibility throughout its value chain and positions itself as future-ready in order to overcome the challenges ahead.

Some of the many ways in which ZEISS is taking responsibility

The Aloka Vision Program has made it possible to perform several thousand eye exams a month and supply eye care to patients as needed.

The ZEISS ASTERION with stars

ZEISS uses energy-efficient products like the ZEISS ASTERION planetarium projector to help protect the climate and environment.

Alternative logistics concepts such as electric commercial vehicles reduce transportation-related CO2 emissions.

ZEISS assumes responsibility for its employees and gets them ready for the digital, networked world of work with innovative, virtual learning formats.