A Heart for Science corporate volunteering program goes live

Oberkochen | 7 Jun 2022 | News

ZEISS kicked off an international corporate volunteering program to promote STEM on 7 June. All employees from all across the world can take part. In launching this program, ZEISS is expanding its STEM promotion to all locations.

From today, employees worldwide can get involved in “A Heart for Science” as volunteers and pass on their knowledge to the explorers of tomorrow. ZEISS is supporting the volunteers in many ways including a handbook about the initiative, age-appropriate guided experiments, and a digital platform where volunteers can get together and collaborate on their joint projects. Selected activities are also being funded.

By introducing this initiative, ZEISS intends to grow an international network of internal and external project partners. Employees can work with educational institutions and learning venues such as schools, student labs or museums by teaching, carrying out experiments or organizing STEM workshops.

ZEISS is looking forward to hearing from lots of volunteers and educational partners.