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Turning today’s research into tomorrow’s applications – together

With a clear focus on user needs, the ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT explores new technology and application fields, enabling the transformation of ideas into innovations. Here, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and ZEISS employees meet at eye level and practice an open-innovation culture.

Our Competencies

The ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT leverages its unique location in a thriving innovation ecosystem to identify promising, yet bold ideas, to refine them in proof-of-concept projects and eventually turn them into independent ventures or transfer them to ZEISS business units. Our multidisciplinary team relies on its own expertise in a few well-defined focus areas as well as a constant open exchange with university researchers, students, entrepreneurs, ZEISS experts and end users.

Nano and Micro Photonics

Nano and Micro Photonics

  • Photonic integrated circuits (PICs)
  • Optical nanostructures, metasurfaces, metamaterials
  • Quality control for nanostructures
  • Micro- and nanostructured sensor systems
Sensor Systems and Precision Measurement

Sensor Systems and Precision Measurement

  • High-precision metrology
  • 3D computer vision
  • Micro-and nanostructured sensor systems
  • Bio-and chemical sensor systems
  • Sensors in complex systems
Medical and Bio Technologies

Medical and Bio Technologies

  • Surgical intervention of the future
  • Point of Care Diagnostics
  • Bio- and chemical sensor systems
  • Medical robotics

What We Offer

The ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT is an open collaboration platform, offering many opportunities to connect, engage and work together. 
Ideas for collaborations or interested in our offerings?


Our Makerspace is a professional workshop open to the public, which gives everyone access to machines, tools and software. The Makerspace is a cooperation between ZEISS and KIT and is located directly at the KIT North Campus.

Tools for every purpose

You are a Maker but lack the right equipment? Benefit from our large range of professional tools, such as:
  • Laser Cutter (Lotus Laser System Blu125 / cuts wood up to 12mm, engraves metal)
  • SLA Printer (formlabs 3+ / prints very small polymer parts with high resolution)
  • FFF Printer (MakerBot Replicator+ / for rapid prototyping of polymer parts)
  • Soldering station
  • Power tools 
  • ...

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How to participate
  • Get a general Introduction to the Makerspace and the tool specific introductions
  • Sign our User Agreement
  • Get unlimited access

Meet the team

Meet the Makers:  Annalena and Sören will be happy to answer your questions or give hands-on advice. 
Meet them in person during office hours each Wednesday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm or reach out to them via email: makers pacekit @zeiss .com

Offerings Connect, engage and work together. Get in touch
Networking You want to meet likeminded people and connect to other experts?
You want to meet likeminded people and connect to other experts?
ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT Events
  • Join our colloquia and conferences, featuring different topics in the fields of nano-photonics, sensor systems, Metrology, MedTech and more. Find out about upcoming events
  • Get in contact with a ZEISS expert to discuss technologies, applications and markets. We are in regular exchange with all of ZEISS business units- contact us and we will connect you with a matching ZEISS colleague.
  •  Join our informal Networking Events with pretzels and beer to meet innovation enthusiasts, students, entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Follow our Meet-Up group for more information.

Innovation You want to take your ideas a step further?
You want to take your ideas a step further?
ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT
  • Approach us as your sparring partner to refine your technology and business ideas. All exchanged information will of course be kept confidential – we strive to be your trusted partner on eye level.
  • Our research Team is working in close collaboration with the KIT and other universities.We are open to discuss joint research & innovation projects – either bilaterally or as part of a larger consortium.
  •  Join our open innovation challenges and hackathons. Find out about upcoming events

Education You want to broaden your horizon and gain some industry experience during your studies?
You want to broaden your horizon and gain some industry experience during your studies?
ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT
  • Visit our lectures, seminars, internship programs or methodological trainings in the areas of optics & photonics, business development, entrepreneurship, etc. Get in touch for more information.
  • Check out our openings for master- and PhD-theses, if you are at the end of your studies and you are looking for a possibility to get experience in industry and the chance to work on a meaningful application.
  • Check out our openings for internships and working student positions if you are looking for opportunities throughout your studies.

Inspiration You want to work or host your event in an inspiring environment?
You want to work or host your event in an inspiring environment?
ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT
  • Try out our Makerspace with 3D printers, mechanical and electronics tools and plenty of space to finalize your prototyping projects. Introduction courses coming soon!
  • The library is full and your roommates won’t let you focus at home? Come and work at our student CoWorking space in the 6. Floor. Or apply for a temporary project room for yourself and your team.
  •  Ideas for an event or workshop? The Zeiss Inno Hub is a great place to host your events. Contact us for an offer.

Insights and Upcoming Events

You want to get to know us? From conferences to hackathons we host a range of inspiring events throughout the year. Meet like-minded people, have fun and turn ideas into innovations together. Subscribe to our mailing list, if you want to get informed on upcoming events.

July 2022

Save-the-Date: Meet us at the ZEISS Innovation Hub on 7 July

Ever wondered what it takes to become a Zeissian? Join us for a special event series at the ZEISS Innovation Hub!
In an exciting series of short lectures, our speakers present excerpts from their non-linear CV and give insights in their unusual fields of work, where they are making a difference.
We invite you to deepen the discussion in a relaxed atmosphere over cocktails afterwards.

WHEN: 7 July / 5pm
WHERE: ZEISS Innovation Hub @KIT

We want to enable a personal exchange in small groups. That’s why the number of participants is limited. Apply now: innovati onhubkit @zeiss .com

October 2021

25 science and engineering students from KIT completed our lecture „Business Innovation in Optics and Photonics - BIOP 2021“.

Within a week they developed ideas in a field they had previously never worked in: Sustainable business models for eye care. A steep learning curve for most and a lot of fun for all. Wonderful results in the final pitches! If you don’t want to miss our next lectures and opportunities for learning, sign up to our mailing list!

September 2021

Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann visited the Zeiss Innovation Hub

In September 2021, Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann visited the Zeiss Innovation Hub on the North Campus of the KIT for the first time as part of his “Karlsruhe Technology Tour”.

Innovation Culture

Open Innovation is a much used buzz-word. At the ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT, we are truly convinced of the concept, eager to explore promising ideas, no matter where they originate from. We cooperate with our partners on eye-level, aiming for a trustful, long-lasting relationship. This is also reflected in our team-culture: We strive for excellence and are courageous to take risks. We learn from failure and give each other honest, constructive feedback. And most importantly: We have fun at work because we love what we do and how we work together as a team.

Our Team

We are a small multidisciplinary team of young, open-minded, highly motivated researchers and innovation managers. We combine deep expertise in technical fields, such as photonics, materials science, computer vision and quantum technologies, with incessant curiosity and broad knowledge of innovation methodologies.

Tobias H.
Tobias N.

Co-Location of Academia, Startups and Industry

The ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT is designed as a co-location of academic research, startups and industry. The organization of the building reflects the open innovation mindset behind it: from the ground to the top floor, it hosts the nano-scale 3D printing specialist Nanoscribe, the KIT high-tech incubator, home to numerous start-ups and spin-offs from the KIT, and lastly the ZEISS innovation team.

Scantinel Photonics

Scantinel Photonics is a Spin-off of the ZEISS Group. Our technology relies on coherent (FMCW) LiDAR to generate three-dimensional images of the environment, to generate a base for reliable autonomous navigation.

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The medium-sized company develops and sells 3D printers and maskless lithography systems for microfabrication as well as specially developed printing materials and application-specific solution sets. The specialist for additive manufacturing of high-precision structures and objects on the nano, micro and mesoscale was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Today, with more than 70 employees, Nanoscribe has become the market and technology leader.

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Voxalytic™ produces innovative sensors, transformers and coils with high precision in the micrometer to millimeter range suited for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and power electronics applications as well as high-precision customized probes for complex measurement setups (e.g. fluids, optics, high-precision MRI).

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Microworks generates microstructures on the border between micro- and nanotechnology by means of X-ray lithography, a highly versatile process. We serve the medical field by supplying parts for innovative radiography equipment, including components for geometric optics featuring pinholes, slits and lenses as well as phase gratings and intensity gratings for wave optics applications.

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Aquarray GmbH

Aquarray’s Droplet Microarray (DMA), a patented technology for cell cultivation, ultra high throughput screening (uHTS) and biochemical assay platforms, delivers the potential of microarray technologies to the field of cell-based screening systems. Aquarray opens multiplexing opportunities to research areas all the way from basic research over industrial uHTS to clinical applications.

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  • Start an interesting internship or M.Sc./B.Sc. thesis
  • Meet like-minded people, extent your network & host your event with us
  • Share best-practices of university/industry co-location

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