Personal and Professional Development

Individual training and tailor-made qualification measures

Individual training and further education are prioritized at ZEISS. All employees benefit from tailor-made qualification measures. During comprehensive development programs, our up-and-coming junior staff and senior professionals deepen their management skills and establish international contacts at global networking events. Thus, we ensure that our employees are up to future challenges.

Go for ZEISS

The different business groups and the central corporate and service functions offer a large number of career possibilities for all disciplines.

Open Jobs and Application

Training On and Off the Job

ZEISS offers a wide variety of training programs, e.g. for management, interaction and methodology skills; project management; language and intercultural skills; and much, much more.

Talent Management

ZEISS determines the potential of its employees and prepares a development, succession and stand-in plan for key positions. This gives ZEISS employees optimal opportunities to climb the career ladder.

Leadership Program

The leadership program provides successive, advanced training modules focused on the target groups – from the Global Leadership Team up to junior personnel. The finely tuned program is based on strategy, values and leadership guidelines.

Specialist Career Paths

in Research and Development

The technical ladder at ZEISS adheres to the highest international standards. It opens up individual development and advancement possibilities in research and development.

Global Assignment Program

With its Global Assignment Program, ZEISS promotes intercultural understanding and the active exchange of knowledge in the company through international assignments.

Forums and Networks

Forums at ZEISS convey the latest management information and specific corporate expertise. Furthermore, they enable communication across all business groups and national borders, and help employees create networks.