Carolin Schiele

I’m a big fan of the products.

After working for three years in a conceptual role as a Management Consultant, electronic engineer Carolin moved to a role in industry. Working at Product Management for high-end surgical microscopes for ophthalmology at ZEISS Medical Technology enables her to apply her extensive technical knowledge and combine it with her interests – this is one aspect of her work she truly enjoys. In the interview, Carolin tells us why she thinks she’s found the perfect job for her at ZEISS.

Carolin, what motivated you to switch from Management Consulting to ZEISS Product Management?
In Management Consulting I mainly assumed conceptual work. That was interesting for a while, but eventually I grew tired of implementation: I preferred to work in a more operational role – in industry and not in consulting. ZEISS has a strong presence in our region and I’d heard many people talk about the company before. I’ve always been fascinated by its breadth of innovative, top-quality products. Medical technology was one of the focal points of my electronic engineering degree. So ZEISS was quite high up on my list of potential employers. Everything worked out and I got to work at a place that was perfectly matched to me – and continues to impress me to this day.

What do you enjoy about your work in particular?
I’m a big fan of the products. If you ask me, Medical Technology is the most interesting area by far, particularly on account of the high quality people associate with it: these devices are produced to significantly improve patients’ lives. Helping to achieve this is a great feeling. I also like the fact that my job is so varied. At ZEISS, Product Management as an interface between Development and the customer covers the entire product life cycle: from speaking to doctors to determine their requirements and development through to market launch and marketing. I’m always involved – and I cover all areas: technology, customer contact and marketing. This enables me to put my technical expertise to good use. A third aspect is contact to customers – in this case, doctors. They often work with great passion and strive for perfection, and it’s just wonderful how impressed they are with our products.

Can you describe your daily work?
It’s definitely very international as I look after all the markets for my products. That means I’m involved in global development and global marketing. I use English 80 percent of the time. I also attend many trade fairs and spend time with doctors, including in the OR. My day comprises many discussions with a range of target groups and project partners, such as doctors and Development and Sales staff. I always strive to bridge the gap between driving projects in-house and pursuing various topics and trends, for instance at trade fairs in order to gain feedback and new ideas.

What are the biggest challenges you face?
Developing an important, innovative product that responds to a whole host of different requirements. This involves talking to doctors across all markets, some of whom work in very different ways. This results in different requirements and preferences. Then we attempt to figure out the next step based on all the answers we’ve collected. Our aim is to reach a meaningful consensus. This is a dream job.

Carolin Schiele

Product Manager for Ophthalmic Surgery Systems

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Dipl.-Ing.)

My first job after graduation
Consultant at an international management consultancy with a focus on technology companies