Margit Krause-Bonte

Innovation is a major focus for us.

Here at ZEISS, tomorrow’s technologies and solutions are being created every day – thanks to approximately 25,000 employees who perform demanding and varied duties and benefit from a host of career opportunities.

Margit Krause-Bonte joined ZEISS as a physicist in Development and is now in charge of People and Organizational Development. Margit Krause-Bonte, Vice President of People Development and Cultural Journey, tells us about her interesting career at ZEISS.

Ms. Krause-Bonte, why did you join ZEISS?
I became familiar with ZEISS products as a student and was particularly impressed by the microscopes. After graduating, I submitted an unsolicited application and soon got a job working in laser development.

How has your career progressed since then?
Working in Development enabled me to expand my skills set over the years and assume responsibility in areas such as Marketing and Sales. I certainly helped that I had an MBA under my belt with a focus on General Management. Today I’m in charge of Personnel and Organizational Development.

Are there many opportunities to develop at ZEISS?
We are an international company with a broad portfolio that ranges from semiconductor technology and engineering to biomedical research and medical technology, all the way to our consumer business with eyeglass lenses, camera lenses and binoculars. So there’s plenty of scope to offer development opportunities, for specialists and managers alike. We ensure that managers, for instance, have a very good overview of development across the Group. That’s why we promote cross-functional careers and job rotation.

What can you tell us about the working atmosphere?
Employee surveys regularly show very high satisfaction values – that says a lot about the atmosphere. In my experience, everyone works very well together in an inspiring way. I believe ZEISS has become even more modern, more global and more dynamic in recent years.

Who is a good fit for ZEISS?
People who enjoy working at a company that is a global technology leader! We focus sharply on innovation. We want to be ahead of the pack across all our business units. However, our employees have to understand how innovations provide solutions to customer issues – and be dedicated to applying this knowledge.

What innovative products are you particularly proud of?
I’ve worked in medical technology for a long time and am particularly proud of our eye care products. I never cease to be fascinated by how our products play such a key role in helping doctors preserve and enhance people’s vision. For instance, take our diagnostic devices for treating cataract, or our surgical devices. We even produce the intraocular lenses they use.

Margit Krause-Bonte

Vice President of People Development and Cultural Journey at Corporate Human Resources

Physics Degree, Executive MBA (General Management)

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