Susan Lai

ZEISS has offered me some great opportunities!

Susan got to know and value ZEISS as an employer during her studies as an intern in Rochester, New York. After completing her degree in Biomedical Photographic Communications, she returned to the company as a Product and Applications Specialist at the ZEISS site in Thornwood, New York. In this interview, Susan tells us what brought her to Munich and what it's like working in Product Management at ZEISS – a job she's very proud of.

Susan, what makes ZEISS such an attractive employer that you would move to a different continent for your job?
ZEISS has offered me some great opportunities! I experienced this for the first time during my internship at ZEISS in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. That’s where I learned that microscopy is a much broader field than I had originally thought. It was around this time that I fell in love with microscopy. I liked the company so much that I knew I wanted to work here after I finished my studies. And things worked out: in 2008 I joined ZEISS in Thornwood, New York.

What made you move from New York to Munich?
After starting at ZEISS, I had the opportunity to travel to Germany as a system specialist as a part of a global assignment so that I could get international work experience. That's what brought me to Munich and gave me the chance to get to know and appreciate another culture and a brand-new field.

What new field is this and how do you like it?
That would be Product Management. In my current position, I'm responsible for part of our microscopy-camera portfolio and the software belonging to it. This means I work on products which enable you to display and document images. For example, you can present microscope images of a display device so that any number of people can see them. This technology is often used to during training courses. Alternatively, you can also collect and evaluate microscope images later on. Flawless, reliable technology is absolutely essential. That's my job in a nutshell, and I find it extremely rewarding. I also like my colleagues and enjoy working with them. I know that's not something you experience every day, so I consider myself quite lucky.

How would you describe the atmosphere at work?
People are highly dedicated and support one another. I work closely with product managers and developers, and with the Validation department. It's important to all of us that we develop really good products. It's just a nice atmosphere to work in – and that makes it the ideal place for me.

Is there something you’re especially proud of?
Several of my colleagues and I are quite proud of the number of microscopy cameras we've sold. We work very closely to offer customers a good selection and ideal solutions.

Susan Lai

Product Manager for Widefield Research, ZEISS Microscopy

Biomedical Photographic Communications, BSc, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, USA

What I wish I had known as a student
Mastering a foreign language on a professional level is incredibly helpful.