Experienced Professionals

Would you like to work on ground-breaking products together with the best in your field in a collegial environment ? Both the technical ladder in Research and Development and the development options for employees from all specialist areas offer you excellent future prospects at ZEISS. ZEISS is currently seeking:


In the business groups and the central research department at ZEISS, many physicists work on ground-breaking developments, and go to the limits of physics on a daily basis.

Natural Scientists

Whether you work as a biologist in the area of Microscopy or as a researcher or developer in the central research department: At ZEISS, you can discover possibilities in the natural sciences which you have probably never even dreamed of.


Over 300 ZEISS patents a year: the extensive development and broad portfolio of high-tech products ensure that our engineers are constantly faced with exciting new challenges in their work.

Industrial Engineers

If you feel at home in the language of business and technology, open up new prospects for yourself at ZEISS – in the areas of Marketing, Sales and Service or others.


As an economist at ZEISS, you will work for a successful global player and experience a degree of respect and appreciation that say much more about the company than any figures.

IT Specialists

ZEISS offers exciting challenges for IT experts in the field of software development. In all other areas, IT is one of the strategic foundations of the global success of ZEISS.

Senior Professionals

As a senior professional, combine your experience with that of ZEISS – a company which has achieved success all over the world. Let us assure you that both sides stand to gain.

Specialization: Optics/Optoelectronics

Ernst Abbe is part of the history of ZEISS – and you are the future. If you are at home in the fields of optics or optoelectronics, rest assured that exciting tasks and excellent prospects await you at ZEISS.