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Shaping the digital future Your challenge at ZEISS
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Shaping the digital future of ZEISS

Digital Innovation Partners

Welcome to Digital Innovation Partners, a newly formed unit within the ZEISS Group. We have a clear goal: Enabling and accelerating the digital transformation of ZEISS @speed and @scale. We are developing digital solutions jointly with the ZEISS business groups and we are accelerating innovation that delivers a future value for our customers and our company. We will do this by building on our incredible 170 year heritage of successful innovations.

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    Modern work environment

    with attractive development perspectives

    At ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners we encourage creative thinking and innovation. Based in an inspiring environment in Munich, Germany, we work in agile and interdisciplinary teams, believe in flat hierarchies and demand a high personal level of responsibility and commitment. The ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners combine the drive and the agility of a start-up with the financial stability and the know-how of an internationally successful, established company.

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    New solutions

    that change the world

    Globalization and digitalization are changing customer requirements and markets rapidly. It is now more important than ever to understand and implement innovations that customers need and expect in the future. ZEISS will offer its customers increasingly an integrated solution portfolio – consisting of hardware, software and services.

    Our Challenges

    Are in various fields

    IoT/Industrie 4.0

    Customer Interaction Portal


    Smart Connected Products

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    Your Colleagues

    To shape ZEISS' digital future

    “Driving the future of ZEISS experiences“

    Peer, Senior Experience Designer

    Creative, open minded, curious about the world and humans - that`s me. Ever since I love to create - be it with the drums, pencil & paper or with digital tools. No matter if performing music or designing: When you create something never heard or seen before and all pieces finally fit into their place, they become one experience. Then people can forget about creators, processes, tools and just “be there” in the moment– great experiences surprise, delight and are much more than just solutions.

    At ZEISS I shape unique experiences across all our products and services at the intersection of user needs and our business goals. I love to work with all those uniquely skilled people in our business groups and at Digital Innovation Partners here bringing their talent to the stage like in a great band. As a team we deliver next level innovative solutions to our customers - but to innovate finding solutions it not enough - you also need the passion to discover opportunities. See beyond the obvious- go the extra mile and ask, be curious and observe, walk in the shoes of somebody else to get new perspectives.

    I want to make a difference and ZEISS products make a difference… capturing unique moments, open up new perspectives, give people back the ability to see, saving lives or pave the way for the future. In the end all that matters is that our solutions have value and purpose for the live of our customers and they have a great experience using them.

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    “I design innovative and delighting ZEISS experiences”

    Manuel, Experience Designer

    My name is Manuel and I am an experience designer. With a background in Interaction Design from the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, I had the opportunity to focus on usability aspects and substantial user needs as the core of my work.

    I put my skills into use for the goal of satisfactory interaction at any given touchpoint. For me, everything is a tool used towards this goal: Interface, Invention, Interaction, Experience and Application Design, GUIs, design thinking, concepts, mockups, prototypes. I make sure our digital systems are actually usable – in other words, I work on user-centric approaches for our digital products. When it comes to design, I’m not talking about creating aesthetically pleasing art but new concepts of digital interaction and customer involvement.

    Currently we are improving the user experience of, for example, opticians using our products and software tools. I make sure that they fit their needs and are intuitive to use. It’s great to make a difference here!

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    ”ZEISS is so high in interesting stuff, products, technology, people, culture – simply exciting every day!”

    Daniel, Project Leader Digital Innovations

    Why I like ZEISS – After 15 years, ZEISS still is so high in interesting stuff, products, technology, people, culture – simply exciting every day! I have seen a lot inside ZEISS throughout my career, but still discover new angles of this company.

    Now at the Digital Innovation Partners, we’ve use agile methods and to apply latest technology in order to help accelerating innovative ideas of our partners in the ZEISS business groups.

    Currently we start to pioneer a global cloud platform to connect the thousands of ZEISS machines operating daily at our customers. This will give ZEISS the capability to develop new valuable data-driven services for its customers. Our next big thing!

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    “Bringing digital innovations to life“

    Marc, Software Developer

    In various projects, I create software prototypes, set up a toolbox for rapid prototyping, and adapt agile development methods to bring innovative digital systems to life.

    I like working within open source ecosystems, agile methods, and sharing as much knowledge as possible with the team at Digital Innovation Partners and across our business groups. All these things are not only possible within the ZEISS, but crucial for our customers’ and our success.

    I like ZEISS because many of ZEISS' products are highly valuable for society (like lenses, medical equipment and tools for scientific research) - and the remarkable open-mindedness of my colleagues.

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    “I build cool things”

    Michael, Software Developer

    I’m going to be completely honest with you. Like many, I’ve always considered ZEISS to be a strong brand and a well established technology company, but I’ve never thought of ZEISS as being the home for my creative software endeavors. I was proven wrong when I joined the Digital Innovation Partners.

    Here at Digital Innovation Partners we are helping all business groups of ZEISS to speed up innovation. Once an idea is well-defined we pretotype (yes, not a spelling mistake) and prototype (we do that too!) the heck out of it to prove desirability, viability and feasibility. You can think of us as an express way for business ideas, with a “user-first” mindset.

    My current focus is prototyping a software for 3D visualizations and let me tell you it’s a dream come true for any software engineer. We get to use the latest technologies, programming languages, frameworks and cloud environments to produce results quickly. We are trying out and learning new things constantly. 

    We iterate fast and we design everything with the user in mind, prioritized by dedicated product owners.

    Sounds cool?

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    Matthias Gohl

    Head of Digital Innovation Partners

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