Employee Benefits

ZEISS is one of the global leaders in the optical and optoelectronic industries. Together with our employees we develop the technologies of tomorrow and create special moments for people all over the world. As part of ZEISS, you can actively contribute to the company's progress ā€“ thus, your individual goals become part of our collective success. This is why we support you with a modern working environment where you can further develop and also play a part in the company's success. Each working day becomes your personal ZEISS moment.

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The different business groups and the central corporate and service functions offer a large number of career possibilities for all disciplines.

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  • Special benefits

    "Perks such as an employer-finance pension can no longer be expected. ZEISS takes responsibility for us employees in the long term; moreover, employees also benefit directly from the company's success. Thus, every company success also becomes each employee's personal gain."

    Jeffrey Burns, Business Process Analyst

    Special benefits

    Participation in the company profits

    • Bonus share with interest depending on the return on sales
    • Annual bonus with successful business development
    • Prizes for recommendations for improvement

    Voluntary social benefits

    • Employer-financed company pensions
    • Employee pension capital formation contributions

    Other benefits

    • Subsidies for ZEISS eyeglasses
    • Special conditions for ZEISS photography and sports products
    • Portal for benefits with third-party providers
    • Microsoft Home Use program
    • Preferential employee conditions for health insurance and other insurance companies
  • Family

    "I find it great that ZEISS as a modern employer advocates combining family and career. My family and I also benefit from the possibilities offered by the company and my superior. This means I can combine my role at ZEISS and my private life ā€“ without having the feeling that Iā€™m neglecting either one.ā€

    Silke Hauber, Head of Employee Communications


    With flexible working hours and offers for the care of children and other dependent family members ZEISS supports his employees with the compatibility of work and family life.

    Family-friendly company

    • Consultation and support on the topic of family care
    • Provision of childcare services
    • Coverage of relocation costs on commencement
    • Assumption of costs of temporary apartment/ hotel on commencement
    • Flexible working time models
    • Personal and one-to-one support
    • Scholarship program for employees' children for a school year abroad

    ZEISS as a family

    • Social projects
    • Employee parties
    • Use of the ZEISS holiday house in the mountains
    • Job security
    • High level of employee satisfaction
    • Low fluctuation rates
  • Health

    "Staying healthy is the most important precondition for me to enjoy life. ZEISS supports me in achieving this in various ways. I am happy to have found an employer who knows that employees enjoying good quality of life is healthy for the company too."

    Ralf Zweering, Lithography Optics


    The spectrum of services to promote health of our employees at ZEISS is diverse and preventive as well as reactive. We promote sports and exercise and also consider topics like nutrition and psychological well-being .

    Health Offers

    We offer our employees health days, health checkups, Business massages and physiotherapy, as well as medical services. Our offers also include special conditions with medical providers, such as rehab clinics and physicians.

    Company Fitness Services

    Many of our employees train together in sports teams. The offer ranges from basketball, volleyball, cycling, football to fitness classes and much more. Attractive opportunities for ZEISS employees are offered on preferential conditions at local fitness studios and sports facilities.