Living and working in the Ostalb region

North of Ulm, east of Stuttgart and west of Nuremberg – the headquarters of the ZEISS Group are located in the south of Germany in a region called the Ostalb. More than 6,500 ZEISS employees call the Ostalb home and have exciting and challenging jobs in an appealing work environment.

Talent and patents: that's what the economic region in East Württemberg promotes – and at ZEISS you'll find both. However, the region is more than just an economic powerhouse. It's also diverse: here you'll find an attractive place to live with many cultural offerings, an impressive landscape and great conditions for raising a family.

Let yourself be wowed by the uniqueness of the ZEISS Group and the East Württemberg region.


Open jobs in the Ostalb region
  • Did you know that...
    … here it's the norm to have a home of your own out in nature – something city-dwellers can only dream of?
  • Did you know that...
    ... approx. 60% of our employees work abroad?
  • Did you know that...
    … we have one of the prettiest cycling paths in the region: the Kocher-Jagst-Radweg?
  • Did you know that...
    … our conference center, the ZEISS Forum, is conveniently located, easily accommodates around 800 people and offers cutting-edge technology for conferences and events?
  • Did you know that...
    … the ZEISS Parent Network regularly organizes soccer camps for employees' children during the summer holidays?
  • Did you know that ...
    … every year we invest more than 6 million euros in Germany alone to further train our employees and managers?
  • Working in the Ostalb region

    Working in the Ostalb region

    Working in an international environment

    At ZEISS, we value and support the diversity of our employees. This is an important part of our success. The projects and everyday business at ZEISS are equally diverse. This is why it's so important to us that the environment helps you take on challenges in your day-to-day work.

    Our modern communication tools – such as our telepresence rooms for video conferences and a well-equipped work environment – meet the high requirements for a dynamic and modern company, strengthening and facilitating collaboration with our colleagues around the world.

    We at the ZEISS Group want to give due consideration to and foster this international focus. With the International Club, we offer our non-German colleagues a social network for making new friends. One of the goals of the International Club is to give you a leg up when you move to the Ostalb region to start working at ZEISS.

    Thanks to job rotations, we offer many opportunities for personal and professional development. Rotations nationally and internationally further foster diversity at ZEISS.


    Jaikar Mohan, a ZEISS employee, talks about living in the Ostalb and being a part of the International Club

    Compensation and special benefits

    We offer competitive salaries and attractive compensation options comparable to those of other companies. What exactly do we mean by special company benefits in addition to compensation?

    At ZEISS, you benefit financially from our company's success, and we offer a company pension plan. Voluntary social benefits complete the picture. Our commitment begins before you start working at ZEISS: we cover your temporary housing or hotel costs along with your move to the Ostalb region because we see this as an important investment.

    In addition to your salary and social benefits, you'll enjoy special discounts and subsidies, e.g. when purchasing eyeglass lenses, sports and photographic products from ZEISS. We also have numerous cooperating partners, including several fitness studios in the region.


    Professional development

    No matter if you're working in Research and Development, HR, Logistics, Marketing or Strategic Planning – as an employee, you help actively shape technological progress in the modern, global and dynamic environment at ZEISS. That's why life-long learning is such an important basis for future success, and this requires ongoing additional training and professional development.

    Management regularly and systematically appraises your personal strengths and potential to decide which opportunities for professional development would be right for you. Read more about the different topics you can pursue to shape your personal development.

    Personal and professional development
  • Living in the Ostalb region

    Living in the Ostalb region

    Family & health

    We provide you with flexible working hour models which enable, for example, a smooth return to work after going on parental leave. Moreover, ZEISS supports you with offers for child care and care for family members who require assistance. ZEISS has a long tradition of providing options to help its employees combine work and leisure.

    Our employees and their families especially value offerings such as spots in daycare, the scholarship program for employees' children to spend a school year abroad and a summer care program which is organized by the parents' network.

    There is a broad spectrum of initiatives to promote the health of our employees, including preventive and active services in the occupational health management portfolio. We provide information on nutrition and mental health and promote sports and exercise at work and in your free time. We're actively involved in many sporting events: ZEISS sponsors the relay portion of the Einstein Marathon in Ulm. We also help combat cancer by sponsoring our rowing team.

    We've already received recognition for our outstanding commitment to a positive work-life balance and for our family-friendly corporate structures by being labeled a "family-conscious company."

    Leisure time and culture

    The Ostalb region is located between the cities of Stuttgart, Ulm and Nuremberg. We live and work in an area with a diverse and breathtaking landscape. No matter if you head outdoors to relax or to work out, the region offers something for everyone: from hiking and mountain biking in the nearby mountains to climbing walls and swimming pools in the cities Aalen, Heidenheim and Schwäbisch Gmünd to sailing and surfing on the Bodensee or the Bucher Stausee. There are also amusement parks in the cities of Rust, Heidenheim and Welzheim.

    Once a year, hundreds of musicians come to the city of Aalen as a part of the largest city festival in the region, called the Reichsstädter Tage. Musical performances and sporting events are on offer. Great artists also make their way to the region for the Aalen Jazz Festival.

    And soccer fans don't need to travel more than an hour to enjoy the top teams in the German Bundesliga. Join the dedicated fans in cheering on first-rate athletes: check out the professional basketball team in Ulm and the soccer team in Stuttgart (VfB Stuttgart) along with the soccer clubs in Aalen and Heidenheim.

    There is also no shortage of culture on offer, including castles, palaces, theaters and open-air stages. Let yourself be transported into the distant past by taking a stroll through the medieval cities of Nördlingen and Dinkelsbühl.

    Learn more about the regions and cities in the area

    Day-to-day life

    No matter if you're living in the charming, rural surroundings of cities like Aalen, Heidenheim, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Giengen or Ellwangen – you'll find yourself at the very heart of southern Germany. Apartments, condos and houses are available at affordable prices, and major cities are just a short car or train ride away. And you just need to step out your front door to begin exploring the region's natural beauty. We're happy to advise and provide tips to new arrivals to the area.

    The region also offers a wide array of quality restaurants and taverns. At the Kulinarische Meile – the annual summer food festival in Aalen – visitors have the chance to sample culinary specialties from particular restaurants in the region. And a large selection of regional products are available at different weekly farmers markets.


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