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The ZEISS company history begins with Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe, and Jena. Two universities and numerous research institutes, such as the Fraunhofer Institute, make Jena an ideal location for international companies. This benefits the headquarters of the two major business groups Carl Zeiss Meditec and Carl Zeiss Microscopy as well as Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH. As a center for science and industry, Jena is the research hub of Thuringia. Thanks to its central location in Germany, it is logistically ideally situated as well.

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At ZEISS in Jena, innovation and tradition merge and become one. This youthful university town on the Saale river combines a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a quality of life that not only students find appealing. Ideal conditions for families, a wide variety of cultural activities, and outstanding academic programs make Jena and the surrounding area an attractive place to live.

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Enchanting Landscape

Located in the middle of the Saale valley, Jena is one of Germany’s most scenic cities. Shell limestone cliffs up to 400 m high surround the city and shape the area’s appearance. Numerous walking trails and historic monuments in harmony with nature give Jena’s landscape a Mediterranean feel.

27 rare orchid varieties bloom in the valleys all around Jena. Lakes in the low-lying areas are popular with swimmers. Being situated in a basin, the region of Jena has one of the warmest climates in Germany, especially in the summer months. This is particularly evident in the wildlife. Many different birds and some rare and endangered species of bats have adopted the mixed forests around the town as their home. 


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Historically Fascinating

Heavily influenced by the founding of Friedrich Schiller University, Jena has long been deeply rooted in the history of the academic world. Follow in the footsteps of Schiller and Goethe, delve into the history of Germany, or discover the 7 Wonders of Jena. 

Jena’s history – shaped by people and eras past – is surprisingly multifaceted. Follow the historical trail in the city along the Saale River.

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Room to Grow

Jena is one of the most family-friendly cities in Germany, owing its reputation to its social involvement and numerous social services benefiting families. House-hunting assistance, housing benefits, and special cultural events for families make it easy for new residents to gain a foothold in this city with a small-town feel.

Make Jena the new epicenter of your life and enjoy the amenities of a city surrounded by a unique natural wonderland:

  •  66 childcare facilities and diverse education landscape
  •  gardens and parks with many meadows and sports facilities
  •  Ausgezeichneter Excellent public transportation and access to the A4 and A9 freeways


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Culture / Education / Leisure

Jena’s cultural program is young at heart, yet traditional. Places where people shop, stroll, and sightsee during the day continue to buzz with life after dark. Festivals, outdoor sports, a diverse nightlife and classically-inspired Thuringian cuisine make Jena an attractive spot for both young and the young-at-heart.

The numerous bars of the university town make Jena’s nightlife an exciting experience when the narrow lanes of the historic old town come to life. Come to Jena and experience for yourself the unique combination of science and culture:

  • 145 sports clubs, 4 outdoor and indoor swimming pools as well as numerous outdoor sports activities
  • Star shows in the world’s oldest planetarium in service 


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ZEISS Sites in Germany

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Thuringia. Central. Strong. Innovative. Traditional.

Read and discover news from the Free State,location information and 100 exciting stories.

That's Thuringia – the official website