Munich is more than just the Oktoberfest and Hofbräuhaus. As the scientific and business center of southern Germany, Munich has an outstanding infrastructure. Two major branches of the Carl Zeiss Group are located here – Carl Zeiss Meditec and Carl Zeiss Microscopy.

Situated in the heart of Europe, this southern German economic hub can be conveniently reached by practically any mode of transportation. Thanks to Ludwig Maximilian University and numerous other institutes, Munich also provides the perfect setting for academics.

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Whether at Carl Zeiss Meditec or in the state-of-the-art laboratory of Carl Zeiss Microscopy, you will find the career challenge you’re seeking in Munich.
Scientific expertise coupled with the Bavarian lifestyle make Munich very attractive as a location – for families, too. Choose Munich and form your own impression of the city on the banks of the Isar.

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Munich Enchanting Landscape

Enchanting Landscape

The state capital of Bavaria stretches almost 30 km in diameter across the middle of the Munich plain. Lying between the limestone alps and the Danube, Munich’s geographic location is part of the Alpine foothills. Expanses of forests and lakes, some located right in the metropolitan area, give the greater urban area of Munich a beautiful setting.

There is mountainous terrain in and around Munich, and on clear days it is even possible to see the nearest peaks of the Alps from the city center.

In fact, there is an altitude range of several hundred meters between the lowest and highest districts within Munich itself. Those who are not drawn to the mountains can always go to relax and unwind at one of the innumerable large and small lakes.

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Munich Historically Fascinating

Historically Fascinating

Napoleon, Thomas Mann, the Olympic games – Munich has had a momentous history. Loved by kings and princes, the scene of many events in the Second World War, and today a modern metropolis – Munich is where tradition meets contemporary urban life. This is reflected especially in the city’s architecture.

Nearly every street corner in Munich has a story to tell.

Explore the state capital and experience German history up close.


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Munich Room to Grow

Room to Grow

Munich is one of the most popular places to live in Germany. Since space in the city center is at a premium and rents are high, the city authorities are very actively involved in helping families to find affordable residences. With its country charm and excellent travel connections, the area around Munich also offers an excellent living and working environment and genuine quality of life.

Make Munich the new epicenter of your life and enjoy the amenities of a big city with a traditional flair.

  • Increased early childhood education and school facilities
  • Assistance programs for house and condominium owners, low-cost housing assistance


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Munich Culture / Education / Leisure

Culture / Education / Leisure

Life in Munich can be quite complicated, however. After all, it’s not easy to choose a leisure activity from such a huge array of options! Will it be sunbathing in one of the many beer gardens, sports of the extreme or trendy or amateur variety, or perhaps a cultural experience at the opera or in a museum? Thanks to many attractions especially for children, families likewise have a wide choice of leisure pursuits.

While the city center draws culture seekers with its musical events, theater, and art, Munich’s sports-loving residents often head to the surrounding ski slopes and hiking trails on the weekends.

Thus, Munich has something for everyone.


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