Wetzlar is often called the "city of optics." This Hessian town is home to manufacturers of microscopes, binoculars, eyeglasses, and cameras. Thus, the Carl Zeiss Sports Optics and SMT business units are in the best of company here. With the universities of Giessen and Frankfurt close by, convenient access to the fairgrounds and the airport of the financial center on the Main river, the Wetzlar site has all the prerequisites for future-oriented growth.

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Cutting-edge optics have been produced in Wetzlar since time immemorial. As part of Carl Zeiss, you can play an important part in continuing this ongoing trend. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carl Zeiss AG, Carl Zeiss Sports Optics develops products that help our customers see and experience nature more clearly and vividly. Carl Zeiss SMT is yet another sophisticated and innovative division of Carl Zeiss located in Wetzlar. Choose Carl Zeiss in Wetzlar and get even closer to the heart of the matter!

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Wetzlar Enchanting Landscape

Enchanting Landscape

Three low mountain ranges come together around Wetzlar’s Lahn Valley, adorning the landscape with a great many forested hills. Yet this part of Central Hesse also boasts mixed orchards and the steep river valleys of the Dill and Lahn rivers. The countless bike and walking trails provide an ideal way to explore the hilly terrain.

With its Geopark and the surrounding nature reserves, the region of Central Hesse has one of the most delightful landscapes in all of Germany.

Steep vineyards, rivers coursing through valleys, and species-rich meadows make the area around Wetzlar well worth experiencing – and not just for nature-lovers.


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Wetzlar Historically Fascinating

Historically Fascinating

Wetzlar has been featured prominently in classic literature. Indeed, this city on the Lahn River is the setting for “Die Leiden des Jungen Werther,” (“The Sorrows of Young Werther”), a famous novel by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Yet Wetzlar has plenty to offer historically even beyond being a source of literary inspiration. The old town with its narrow, winding streets, its houses steeped in history, and the “unfinished” cathedral in the town’s center are just a few examples of the city’s rich historical background.

Come to Wetzlar and discover the olden times of a modern city.


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Room to Grow

Wetzlar is a city that developed and grew naturally. To keep it that way, the city council offers a few incentives to help new families get settled. Wetzlar also has the advantage of a good academic infrastructure. In addition to the nearby universities of Frankfurt and Giessen, Wetzlar also offers its own unique brand of education called “StudiumPlus.”

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Wetzlar Culture / Education / Leisure

Culture / Education / Leisure

Both above ground and below, Wetzlar has a wide range of leisure activities to offer. You can explore the last remaining iron ore mine on the mining train 150 meters below the surface, while tour guides dressed in the clothing of bygone days will lead you down the streets of Wetzlar to give you a very different view of the city's history. Sports have naturally been a time-honored tradition in Wetzlar, the home of several Olympic medalists. Whether rowing on the Lahn or having a relaxing stroll along one of countless walking trails – Wetzler gives you opportunities to push yourself to your limits or just kick back and relax

And anyone who finds the winding lanes of Wetzlar’s Old Town too constricting is welcome to head to the neighboring metropolises of Frankfurt or Giessen, which are only a stone’s throw away.


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