The moment the future is written with light.

This is the moment we work for.

International Year of Light

Light is essential for human life.This was the reason why the UNESCO General Conference declared 2015 as the International Year of Light. The goal is to increase the population's awareness of the key role played by light in science and culture. After all, scientific insights in relation to light led to a deeper understanding of our planetary system, better treatment options in medicine and the discovery of new means of communication.

As an innovation leader in the area of photonics, ZEISS is also bringing the importance of light for science, technology, nature and culture closer to the public. These events show how ZEISS has been harnessing light through future-oriented technologies for over 165 years.

Board interview

President and CEO of Carl Zeiss AG, Dr. Michael Kaschke, answered questions on the International Year of Light and on the ZEISS commitment.


Optical technologies from ZEISS

Since its founding to this very day, ZEISS has written one success story after another with new, innovative technologies. Light always play a pivotal role, whether in the planetarium, super-resolution microscopy or painless eye surgery.

© Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft

© Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft

Highlights of Physics

In the Year of Light the science festival is taking place in Jena. Under the theme of "Plays of Light" everything will be focused on light and optical technologies on the city's Eichplatz from 22 to 26 September.


Other events

ZEISS will be taking part in numerous events and activities aimed at inspiring young people and generating enthusiasm for the pioneering technologies in the areas of science, technology and nature.

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