Other events

As an active partner and sponsor of the International Year of Light, ZEISS will accompany and support many events and activities.The goal is not only to inspire young people for future-oriented optical technologies in the fields of science, industry and nature, but also to convey to the general public the importance of light for all areas of our everyday lives.

20– 25 July 2015 Summer School in the Optical Museum in Jena
14– 17 September 2015 Summer School on Beutenberg Campus in Jena
22– 26 September 2015 Highlights of Physics under the theme 'Plays of Light' on the Eichplatz in Jena
8 October 2015 Talk with Nobel laureate Eric Betzig on Beutenberg Campus in Jena
10– 15 October 2015 DOKDOK 2015 in Eisenach
tbd Wrap-up event in Berlin

Events to date

  • November

    Final Event for International Year of Light 2015

    The final wrap-up event for the International Year of Light in Germany took place in the office representing the federal state of Brandenburg in Berlin on Friday, 27 November 2015. The invited guests were able to experience the different facets of light. The event featured a podium discussion on the subject of "How Light Creates Jobs," science slammer André Lampe explained fluorescence microscopy with lemurs and moles, and experts exchanged information about light and art in a group discussion. Installations on the subject of light and a musical accompaniment rounded off the program.

  • October

    Hi Lights!

    The exhibit "Hi Lights! The Latest in Light" at the Technical Collections in Dresden is devoted to the phenomenon of light and its importance for science, technology and culture. The creators of the exhibit hope to make young people excited about light-based technologies. ZEISS is supporting an exhibit on optical imaging in neurosurgery. The Medical Technology business group has provided a ZEISS OPMI pico surgical microscope and a model of the brain. In the exhibit, visitors can try performing brain surgery themselves. Working closely with ZEISS, a team at the Dresden University of Technology developed the procedure presented at the exhibit which is used to surgically treat brain tumors.

    Opening hours
    The exhibition runs until 19 June 2016.
    Tuesday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

    Technical Collections (Technische Sammlungen), Junghansstraße 1 - 3, Dresden

  • September

    Highlights of Physics

    The 15th annual science festival, "Highlights of Physics," took place in Jena, the City of Light, from 22-26 September. There were different presentations related to optics and photonics. The contributions from ZEISS included microscopy workshops for high school students. These workshops were intended to give kids a better understanding of stereomicroscopy. Microscopy experts from ZEISS explained how to use the microscopes properly. In addition to the workshops, ZEISS was represented by optical experiments using a modular system and instruments for ophthalmology. High resolution microscopy processes were also presented. These included Eric Betzig's "PALM," which garnered him the 2014 Nobel Prize. Since 2001, the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research and the German Society of Physics have been organizing the "Highlights of Physics" every year. With more than 53,000 physics enthusiasts in attendance, a new record was set in Jena.

    Website Highlights of Physics

    Art project at the Colosseum in Rome

    In an internationally sponsored art project, the Berlin artist Sabine Kacunko associated microscopy with a Word Cultural Heritage site, the Colosseum in Rome. Her project "Invincible" could be viewed there from 17 to 19 September.
    She projected microscopic images of bacteria from the patina of the building on to the prominent northwest side of the Colosseum. The patina is a natural protective film made of microorganisms, which preserves the monument from harmful environmental influences. ZEISS provided the light-optical microscope ZEISS Axio Imager for the project. 

  • July

    Forum Photonik 2015

    Optical technologies are key technologies for our future. Many companies that are driving these technologies are located in the East Wuerttemberg region. To highlight the significance of these technologies, "Forum Photonik 2015" was held by German monthly newspaper "Wirtschaft Regional" in conjunction with ZEISS, the East Württemberg Business Development Association (WiRO) and Aalen University on 14 July. The event, which took place at the ZEISS Forum in Oberkochen, included presentations by high-profile expert speakers bringing the photonic applications and trends in industry to life. Several companies and initiatives from the region presented themselves at an exhibition accompanying the presentations. 

    jun.iversity Summer Camp 2015

    This year as well, ZEISS supported the "jun.iversity Summer Camp" for gifted children and youth with a donation from the Carl Zeiss Sponsorship Fund and with its expertise. In this summer camp, participants can spend time on scientific subjects of their choice outside of school. A central component of the camp is the so-called economics and science day on which there is an opportunity to look over the shoulder of a specialist in a company or research institute from Jena and surroundings. Three of the altogether 45 students spent this day at ZEISS in Jena. The young people, ages13 and 15, were interested in ophthalmology and commercial law. At the end of the day, all the summer camp participants were invited to the ZEISS powerdome Center for a full-dome presentation.

    At the end of the camp, the young people presented the projects they had worked on in a closing presentation at the Ernst-Abbe University of Jena.

  • June

    Light event "Light for Change“

    From 29 May to 7 June 2015 the initiative titled Solidarische Welt Ilmenau e.V. (ISWI) at the Technical University in Ilmenau organized the International Students' Week which was attended by 370 students from more than 370 nations. The "Light for Change" event on 3 June was one of the central components of the conference. With the event the ISWI wanted to draw attention to the many and diverse possibilities of light and demonstrate the relevance of handling light responsibly to people from different cultures. In addition to lectures and workshops the visitors experienced many activities and shows on the illuminated campus in Ilmenau. ZEISS was also present with three microscopes. For the idea "Light for Change," ISWI won the idea competition of the DPG and ZEISS,held to mark the International Year of Light.

  • May

    9th Fulldome Festival

    From 27 to 30 May 2015 the 9th Fulldome Festival took place in the ZEISS Planetarium, during which the latest films, animations and experimental work for dome projection were presented. One of the contributions to the festival was also the full-dome show titled "Light" which was produced for ZEISS and recently honored with the intermedia-globe GOLD Award at the WorldMediaFestival. The seven-minute full-dome experience was designed for the International Year of Light in 2015.. In addition to the large number of full-dome shows the participants were also able to attend workshops, making-of sessions, presentations and specialist discussions. In one workshop Franz Troppenhagen, Product Manager at ZEISS, talked about the subject of Virtual Reality (VR) and presented the VR headset for smartphones, the ZEISS VR One. A special app for the device will make it possible to view dome films with the ZEISS VR One in the future. 

  • April

    Optics Week

    At the Optiktagen (Optics Days) held from15 to 18 April in the Goethegalerie in Jena, the Optical Museum presents the history of optics in the city. This history has been inseparably connected to ZEISS since 1846. Furthermore, researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering, the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena and the Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technologies provided insights into their current research. The Optiktage also featured interactive experiments for children, adolescents and families. Among other activities, young and older visitors could assemble and configure periscopes sponsored by ZEISS, which they could then take home with them. 


    The SciFest is a festival held annually in Finland for students and teachers, which addresses the issues of science, technology and environment. This year the main theme, matching the International Year of Light, was “Power of Light”. From April 23 to 25, a total of 12,000 visitors from more than 50 nations attended the Science Festival. The main element of the event were various workshops where children and young people could experiment and discover scientific relations on their own. For this purpose, ZEISS had sponsored periscope craft kits.

  • March

    Day of Microscopy

    Light is essential for microscopy. This was impressively demonstrated to the participants in the Day of Microscopy in the Jenaer Volksbad on 5 March 2015. Around 480 users from research, education and clinical routine met to experience the current ZEISS light and electron microscope systems live. 

    Day of Astronomy / Solar eclipse

    The Day of Astronomy during the International Year of Light was linked to a special event. Under a clear sky, visitors were able to enjoy a partial eclipse of the sun in central Europe on the morning of 20 March. In Jena anyone interested could observe how the moon slowly moved over the sun through the telescopes of the Urania Observatory. Gunter Helmer from ZEISS was also there to explain this rare celestial occurrence to the gathered spectators. 

  • February

    Official opening of the International Year of Light in Germany

    On 27 February the German kickoff event for the International Year of Light took place in the Deutsches Museum in Munich. This event also saw the official reopening of the Planetarium in the Deutsches Museum, fitted with modern ZEISS technology. The two events were interlinked by a full-dome show in the planetarium, specially produced by ZEISS for the International Year of Light, which took visitors on a fascinating journey of light. 

  • January

    Kickoff event in Jena, the City of Light

    City of Light Jena began the International Year of Light with an exhibition. For three days, from 15 to 17 January, a large number of companies and institutions presented what they have to offer on the subject of light in the Goethe Galerie. At the ZEISS booth visitors were able not only to try out ZEISS microscopes and the new VR 1 headset, but also to learn more about the commitment of the Medical Technology business group to the Christoffel Mission for the Blind in Germany and about career opportunities at ZEISS. 

    Opening show in City of Light Jena

    The kickoff event "LIGHT Phenomena" took place on 17 January in the packed Sparkassenarena. The show was moderated by Ralph Caspers, a well-known TV personality in the local region. The moderator presented exciting light phenomena that were explained by experts using live experiments. Various light artists enchanted the audience with impressive presentations.