Latest on the COVID-19 Situation

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, ZEISS has taken comprehensive measures to protect employees and maintain smart business continuity.

In order to continue supporting customers and partners as best as possible, at ZEISS we are doing everything we can to protect our employees’ health and safety as well as maintain production in our plants and ensure our service operations.

In January, ZEISS set up a dedicated task force. We are closely assessing the latest developments together with government agencies and healthcare authorities on an ongoing basis. Decisions are made daily regarding the most sensible measures for ZEISS to take.

Of course, we will continue to be available for our customers as best we can. Some employees in individual areas are currently working remotely but can still be reached at their usual phone numbers and email addresses.

However, should our customers experience any disruptions in service at some of our sites and sales offices, we can also be contacted on these numbers.

All over the world, the company and its employees are joining the fight against the spread and consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more


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29 & 30 September 2020

ZEISS European Autumn School Lithography Optics


Optics is a key technology with inspiring applications – such as in the production of increasingly powerful microchips. Many of the devices we use in our daily lives contain microchips, from computers and cellphones to cars and household electronics. The semiconductor industry utilizes optical lithography to pattern wafers for manufacturing of integrated circuits.

02 July 2020

ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT off to a Successful Start

Press Release

ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT

The ZEISS Innovation Hub on the campus of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has seen a number of successful collaborations and projects since it opened in early 2020. ZEISS wants the hub to house high-tech and digital start-ups, as well as its own innovation and new business activities. KIT will thus join forces with ZEISS experts to pave the way for the technologies of the future.

25 June 2020

ZEISS unveils new planetarium projector

Press Release

ZEISS is launching a new planetarium projector. The all-new ZEISS ASTERION is an optomechanical component designed to be used with a digital dome projection system for Hybrid Planetariums. The projector features a new design, with a Star Ball that is only as big as a medicine ball.