Facts and Figures about Innovation and Technology

Innovation is a way of life at ZEISS. You might even say it is in the company's genes.

Research and Development Expenses

To further expand the company's technologically leading position in a wide variety of sectors, the company continually invests approximating 10 percent of revenue in research and development.

Employees in Research and Development

The key to success at ZEISS is committed, motivated and qualified employees and a corporate culture characterized by such values as performance, responsibility and openness. Overall, around 11 percent of employees work in the various research and development areas of the ZEISS Group.

New Patents

Optical technologies are key technologies of the future. ZEISS therefore invests in innovations and secures its innovative advantage by means of patents. As of the reporting date, ZEISS held 8,400 patents worldwide (prior year: 7,800). In fiscal year 2016/17, the Group applied for new patents for approx. 500 inventions (prior year: approx. 450).

Research and Development Worldwide

Research and development sites are located around the world, ensuring that the company is never far from its customers.