Trends as groundbreaking perspectives

Innovation at Carl Zeiss always has a societal context.Meeting future customer needs is the objective of all innovations.
Dr. Michael Kaschke, President and CEO, explains: "Optical technologies are key technologies for our future. Their applications in industry and science will increasingly make inroads into our everyday lives."
Optical technologies pave the way for many innovations in numerous industries. They are vital in a wide range of fields, including the life sciences, healthcare, IT and telecommunications, automotive and consumer.

Perspective Future

Megatrends guide Carl Zeiss in the generation of new products. This means that Carl Zeiss monitors the developments in various areas very closely to ensure that the products Carl Zeiss will bring to market in a few months or a few years will fully meet the needs of customers.

New Technologies

The life sciences, bionics and medical technology will become increasingly vital for a modern society. Artificial intelligence and the convergence of technologies are additional trends that will influence our lives and future products. With its expertise in optics and precision mechanics, Carl Zeiss can play a valuable role in the development of new problem solutions.
In the field of medical technology, Carl Zeiss can draw on years of experience and know-how which will enable us to not only follow, but also drive the technology trends to come.
For example, with correlative microscopy, Carl Zeiss was able to establish a bridge between electron and light microscopy. The perfectly correlated merger of images at the micro and nano levels provide researchers and scientists with an entirely new tool which enables them to better study living processes and diseases.


Without sustainability, the future of coming generations is at risk.Effective measures include the efficient use of resources, the transition to renewable energy sources and new, economical processes and systems


With its know-how, Carl Zeiss is developing intelligent measuring systems that are deployed in quality inspection in the energy, automotive and aerospace industries.

These systems are used, for example, to test the quality of large wind turbine components and thus ensure a high level of efficiency.

State-of-the-art coordinate measuring technology from Carl Zeiss is utilized to inspect the fit accuracy of drive train components in cars to ensure low fuel consumption and minimal CO2 emissions.


Aging populations and demographic changes are hot topics. The megatrends in society include increasing spending in healthcare around the world, urbanization and growing security needs.
These are all subjects currently being monitored by Carl Zeiss in research and development to enable the company to offer appropriate solutions in the future. Medical technology is particularly important.
The demographic trend is leading to an increasingly older global population and therefore to rising healthcare needs.
More and more people in the emerging countries are also gaining access to medical services: India and China already account for more than one third of the world's population.
India alone has around 1.2 billion inhabitants, of whom only about 20 percent enjoy medical care. The country's economic development will lead to an increase in this figure.
The Medical Technology group at Carl Zeiss is attempting to adapt existing products or create new products to meet the special needs of these countries. For this reason, Carl Zeiss opened the Center of Application & Research in India (CARIn) in Bangalore.


Generally, Carl Zeiss strongly focuses its actions and its products on customers. Trends such as the individualization of products and the demand for customized modifications will change product development.New perspectives will become possible, but will also be required in order to provide the society of the future with appropriate products and to meet the needs of consumers.

Today, innovation no longer deals only with the development of new products, but also aims at a new type of management and new business models.

Carl Zeiss recognized this trend years ago and presents an internal award for innovative business design and internal knowledge sharing.