ZEISS Colloquium

30 September 2016, 11:00 AM

ZEISS Forum Oberkochen

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ZEISS Colloquium

Innovation Talk

In Oberkochen on 30 September 2016 ZEISS will launch a series of events addressing current topics in the field of science. The aim of the ZEISS Colloquium is to offer external scientists from various disciplines a platform to present their research in a one-hour Innovation Talk followed by a discussion. The location will be the ZEISS Forum in Oberkochen. ZEISS is inviting the company's employees and the interested public to these events. Admittance is free. Four events are planned in this series every year.

The first speaker will be Prof. Dr. Reinhold Bauer. He is Head of the Section for the History of the Impact of Technology at the Institute of History, University of Stuttgart, Germany. The subject of the Innovation Talk is "Flops as a Focus of Research – Learning from Failed Innovations." The event starts at 11.00 AM and will end at 12:30.

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Reinhold Bauer

Flops as a Focus of Research

Learning from Failed Innovations

In the world of innovation failures are more the rule than success! Nevertheless, the failure process has only rarely been the subject of research in the past. This is all the more regrettable as an analysis of failure may lead not only to a better understanding of why it happened, but also to a more comprehensive and realistic picture of technical change.
The announced lecture will use some examples of failed innovations to provide insights into the "anatomy of failure" and to highlight how research into failed innovations can contribute to a better understanding of technical development and change. 

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Bauer has headed the Section for the History of the Impact of Technology at the Institute of History, University of Stuttgart, Germany since 2011. Before this he was a scientist, scientific assistant and finally a private lecturer for many years at the Helmut Schmidt University of the German Federal Army in Hamburg. The focal points of his work include the history of innovations, traffic history, the history of production organization and technology, and the economic history of "real socialist" states.
In addition, Prof. Dr. Bauer is Chairman of the German National Committee of the International Union for History and Philosophy of the Sciences/ Section for the History of Science and Technology (IUHPS/DHST), a member of the Committee of the History of Technology of the VDI and a member of the Scientific Management of the magazine Technikgeschichtegeschichte.

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