Computer Vision Hackathon

by ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT

Computer Vision is on the rise

Can you create solutions for real applications?

If your weekend plans usually include coding, machine learning, app programming and lots of coffee, you’ve come to the right place. The ZEISS Innovation Hub teams up with KIT and invites the ambitious and creatives to delve into the world of computer vision.

Work with state-of-the-art hardware and real data right here at the ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT. Data experts and computer vision specialists from ZEISS and KIT's Computer Vision for HCI research group will present real-world challenges they are facing. These will range from virtual try-on of eyeglasses to helping a visually impaired person to navigate through a crowded environment. Our team will be around to discuss ideas, mentor and share best coding practices. Come join us and build a working prototype in only 24 hours.

Rest assured, we will provide an amazing selection of food and drinks during the weekend. Also make sure to check out our casual pre-coding get-together on Friday evening with board games and Lego!

ZEISS Hackathon

Partners of the Hackathon

cv:hci - Computer Vision for HCI Research Group

Use Cases, Mentoring, Jury


Cloud, IoT and Technology Partner

PlanB. GmbH


KR-Vision Technology



Community Partner

ZEISS Vision Care

Use Cases, Data, Mentoring, Jury


Do you provide a sleeping area?

Yes, we do, from Friday evening to Sunday! Just bring your sleeping bag and camping mat — unless you love sleeping on the hard floor.

Do you have showers available?

Yes, we do. Nice hot water, too.

What do I need to bring?

Your computer, power adapter, phone and everything you need for your hygiene. We will provide you with a table, chair, power strip, Wi-Fi, foods and drinks.

Can you pay for my travel costs?

If you come via FlixBus, we will re-fund your ticket. Other travel costs will not be re-funded.

What can I win?

Each team member of the three winning teams will get an Amazon voucher worth 250/150/50 Euros. Every participant will get a gooddie-bag.

I am a vegetarian, do I have to bring my own food?

All meals will be vegetarian. Some of the food is also lactose-free.

Is there an official twitter hashtag?

Yes, there is: #ZEISShack

I am not a developer, can I still come?

Yes of course! Designers, entrepreneurs, data artists, ... we are looking for you!

Do I have to come with a team?

Nope, you'll meet a lot of like minded people and you can form a team there!

If I come with a team, what's the maximum team size?

We will limit the team size to 5 persons. In our experience, a team size of 3-5 is ideal.

Location & Direction

How to get to ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT

Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 6
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen


Zip-Code City


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