Advanced Sensor and Data Solutions

  • Execute data acquisition strategies via sensors
  • Explore sensor, fusion, and connectivity solutions
  • Focus: industry and health

Example: Digital Twinning and Simulation

1. What ventures are we looking for?

Digital twinning covers the entire range of technologies needed to acquire image data, process this data and visualize the digital twin of a given single or multiple asset(s). These technologies enable value creation through simulation and preparation of processes involving the digital twin, rather than with the physical object. Specifically, we believe the future lies in solutions that are “good enough” with fast capturing of image data and software-based completion of the digital twin (AI, database search/matching), tailored to the specific use case and business purpose.

ZEISS Ventures seek to invest into a wide range of applications in both the Industry and Healthcare markets: 



•  Surgical Robots  

•  3D Scanning

•  Surgical Simulations

•  Precision Robotics

•  Microsurgery

•  Autonomous Systems

•  Ophthalmology

•  Smartphone Scanner

•  Vision Care

•  Programming Support

•  Visualization

•  Additive Manufacturing

•  Diagnostics

•  Multi-asset simulations

•  Disease Management

•  Design

•  Monitoring

•  Quality

2. Current perspective at ZEISS

ZEISS produces and deploys digital twins in a variety of segments. For example: the Industrial Metrology business creates digital twins with high accuracy for the Quality use case. This search field is therefore a natural continuation of ZEISS’ technology assets and competencies but addresses new use cases, new customer segments and new, increasingly digital business models.

3. Vision for the market

Starting now and over the next decade, we believe there will be a dramatic shift from value creation in many manufacturing and healthcare processes away from physical manufacturing and toward the digital realm. The upfront simulation and feedback loop to the physical process makes it possible to collect data and build artificial intelligence disrupting many processes, ranging from robotics to simulation of surgical procedures. We believe it will also shape the way we design and perceive parts in manufacturing, opening up a completely new marketplace for digital rights management, data safety, and fundamentally change the way we (dynamically) visualize objects around us: away from 2D image data visualization and toward fully 3D and 4D experiences that rely on the digital twin.