Artificial Intelligence for Image Data

- Explore game-changing business model innovation, not just apps or add-ons
- Obey AI business equation: AI technology * data access * network effects * monetization
- Focus: health and industry

1. What ventures are we looking for?

This search field addresses ventures that develop and commercialize the range of technologies needed to create value from image data by applying artificial intelligence techniques and digital solutions for improving the quality of processes.

ZEISS Ventures seeks to invest in a wide range of applications in both the Industry and Healthcare markets:



•  Image analysis tools

•  In situ analytics

•  Ophthalmology

•  Predictive maintenance and production

•  Surgery

•  Business intelligence

•  Medical images

•  Data management and protection

•  Diagnostics

•  Image analysis tools

•  Monitoring

•  Quality solutions

•  Vision care

•  Computer vision

•  Mobile technologies

•  Digital rights management

•  Digital rights management


2. Current perspective at ZEISS

Superior technology for data acquisition is part of ZEISS’ core business. This undeniable advantage leads to the unique ability of ZEISS to train AI on self-generated data. In the healthcare industry, in-depth knowledge on the part of both doctors and patients can make all the difference for AI application to turn data generated by ZEISS hardware into superior value for patients, doctors and other users alike. Further, emerging markets such as AI-enabled surveillance in public spaces and AI engines for predictive quality solutions and additive manufacturing are the focus of our investment strategy.

3. Vision for the market

We believe that starting now and over the next decade, the rollout of even simple forms of AI will disrupt multiple fields of application. We believe that every image data-related product or service will feature some form of artificial intelligence and thus enable AI to quickly grow to an expected standard. Local and cloud-based AI integration could be the game changer for future healthcare and industry applications.