Mobile and Embedded Computing Applications

  • Address shift: optics become application of computing value stack
  • Leverage semiconductor roadmap competencies for Moore‘s law roadmap and newchip/SoC design for computed imaging, Computer Vision, and AI
  • Focus: industry, health, direct-to-consumer where applicable

Example: Mobile technologies for the visual sense

1. What ventures are we looking for?

Mobile technologies for the visual sense include the range of technologies enabling

  • the fully digital customer journey of the vision care business (from refraction to placing the fulfillment order for eyeglasses and frames),
  • ex-practice diagnostic and monitoring devices and apps for ophthalmic eye care,
  • smartphone-based solutions for using the eye as a diagnostic window to the body (e.g. for concussions or Alzheimer),
  • near-to-eye displays and possibly implants to digitally augment the visual power of the eye e.g. via data glasses and augmented reality solutions.

Speed is a key factor for us, as well as familiarity with the smartphone-based business models. We prioritize markets with frequent touchpoints between applications (or devices) and users. For AR and data glasses, we are interested in end-to-end solutions that deliver a compelling hands-free user experience, and our priority is the B2B market. We look for enabling technologies as options to move out or to complement the hardware business.

ZEISS Ventures seeks to invest in a wide range of applications in both the Industry and Healthcare markets:




•  Assistive Vision Devices

•  AR/VR Data/Content Processing

•  Remote Monitoring

•  AR/VR Sensors and Hardware

•  Remote Diagnostic

•  Optical Systems

•  Mobile Recognition

•  Visualization

•  Ophthalmology


•  Vision Care


2. Current perspective at ZEISS

Today, we recognize the potential opportunities of AR and VR, and have gained initial experience with the VR ONE Plus, a virtual reality headset that combines leading-edge optical design and ZEISS precision lenses. In terms of the applications for healthcare, ZEISS supplies innovative technologies and application-oriented solutions for ophthalmology designed to help doctors improve the quality of life of their patients. We provide complete packages of solutions for diagnosis and devices for optical coherence tomography (OCT), perimetry, optical biometry and slit lamps. For the treatment of eye diseases we offer not only ophthalmologic surgical microscopes, but also implants (intraocular lenses | IOLs) and consumables like ophthalmic viscosurgical devices (OVDs).

3. Vision for the market

Starting now and over the next decade, we believe mobile eye-related services and treatments will have increased in importance and gained many more customers, and patients will begin seeing the benefits of that. The vision care business is already increasingly digital and moving toward e-commerce; and the drastically increasing sensor functionality of current and future generations of smartphones will result in the facial avatar being completely mobile. Moreover, the data glass and AR market is coming of age: we believe the technology stack enabling these AR glasses (such as standardized operating systems and integrated optical engines and chip platforms) will be created and offer attractive opportunities that require optical skills along with software and connectivity expertise.