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Current Ventures

tooz technologies

Smart Glasses

Tooz Technologies

tooz technologies is exploring and driving the application potential and the future of data glasses. Building on three unique selling propositions: superior optics, design, and mass facturability, the data glasses venture seeks to enable premium user experiences for everyday use.

ZEISS Virtual Media

3D photorealistic Digital Twins

ZEISS Virtual Media explores end-to-end digital modelling and visualization of objects in realistic  quality. In the future, where physical reality increasingly blends with digital content, Realscan aims to provide high-quality content for augmented, virtual and mixed-reality applications.  



3D Printing

Nanoscribe offers high-precision 3D printing solutions in microfabrication by drawing on a disruptive 3D printing technology with user-friendly software and innovative materials that enable research and industry to innovate through additive manufacturing.

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Bridger Photonics

Lidar Solutions

Bridger Photonics

Bridger Photonics provides precision LiDAR solutions to enable new capabilities and improved effi ciency for industrial metrology and oil and gas applications.


Real time process control for semiconductor processes

Tooz Technologies

The ZEISS ITrap venture develops and sells precise concentration measurement solutions for business applications in the semiconductor industry. The new ZEISS iTrap is a highly sensitive process analyzer based on a Fourier Transform mass spectrometer. It monitors reaction products and chamber health in real time.

Past Ventures


Electron Microscope

ZEISS MultiSEM revolutionizes the speed of electron microscopy. MultiSEM allows you to unleash an acquisition speed of up to 91 parallel electron beams. Now you can image samples in the centimeter scale at nanometer resolution. This unique scanning electron microscope (SEM) is designed for continuous, reliable 24/7 operation. Simply set up your high-throughput data acquisition workflow and your MultiSEM will capture high-contrast images automatically, all by itself.

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Virtual Reality

A virtual reality headset designed for comfort and ease of use, that combines premium optics and appealing design. Simply insert your smartphone and you’re ready to go – that’s all it takes.