MedConf 2021


10/19/2021 - 10/21/2021


Germany / Munich

This year's MedConf, the conference for software and device development in medical technology, will take place from October 19-21, 2021. The conference will be held as an hybrid event in Munich and also online.

Again, we will be represented this year with several contributions to the conference program:

On conference day 1 (Tue, 6:15 pm) our colleagues Maria Petzold and Benedikt Woerner will start their talk "Exploratory Testing in regulated environments is not possible ... isn't it?" and show how one can benefit from collaborative testing methods by a session-based test management in regulated environments such as medical technology. They will address both the project approach as well as common obstacles.

On Wednesday (3:15 pm) our colleague Leo Lindhorst deals with "Interoperable and secure cloud solutions for medical technology with Microsoft Azure" and provides an overview of the most important cornerstones of cloud architectures for healthcare solutions on Azure addressing the biggest challenges regarding security and compliance. He shows, which technical and organizational standards Microsoft Azure assures and which actions manufacturer can take to ensure the security and compliance of their applications.

On Thursday (3:30 pm) our colleagues Benedikt Woerner and Michael Staecker will take a look at how the change from complex, linear release processes to agile working methods is possible. The report from their work and project experiences and talk about topics like analysing existing processes and identifying potential for improvement, establishing a 3-amigos-mentality, forcing test automation and building of integration environments. Fast-Wins like an introduction to Mob Testing in hedging the integration are also part of the talk.

Furthermore, our speakers will be at the conference in Munich and ready to answer questions from the audience at our booth.

We look forward to three interesting conference days combined with exciting networking at the MedConf 2021!