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Anniversaries, celebrations, initiatives, symposia and other topics: These press kits include information, videos and photos on selected topics. Please feel free to use these in your reports, citing "Photo: ZEISS" as the source.

The photos must not be used for commercial purposes or passed on to third parties. For any other use, it is necessary to seek the permission of Corporate Brand & Communications at ZEISS. Please use our contact form to do so. If the photo is published, we kindly request that you send proof of this to: pr ess @zeiss .com.

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Infinity Tour

Infinite inspiration

ZEISS Symposium 2018

Optics in the quantum world

ZEISS Celebrates 200th Birthday of Its Founding Father

Carl Zeiss (1816–1888)

ZEISS Art Calendar

Symposium 2016

23 June 2016