ZEISS Dimension

New Industrial Lenses ZEISS Dimension for C-Mount Cameras

Lens family for industrial cameras offers customers greater efficiency thanks to new adjustment mechanisms.

OBERKOCHEN/Germany, 2018-09-11.

ZEISS is expanding its range of industrial lenses with its new ZEISS Dimension lens family, which was specially designed for C-Mount industrial cameras. “Sensors for image processing systems are getting bigger all the time, and they have a higher resolution and pixel density,” says Michael Pollmann from ZEISS. “The six focal lengths between 8 and 50 millimeters were designed for cameras with a sensor size of up to 4/3 inches and generate pixel sizes of two micrometers.” This means greater efficiency for customers: the lenses enable precise, fast measurements, which help shorten process times.

Enhanced image quality thanks to new adjustment mechanism

“In an industrial setting, it depends on the quality of the image data,” says Pollmann. “The lens and camera must work perfectly together to achieve the best possible result.” That's why the ZEISS Dimension family is equipped with an adjustment mechanism that is being patented and perfectly matches the back focal distance of the lens to the camera. “Users can easily adjust the settings to suit their needs.” Fixation screws are used to secure the lens focus and aperture settings so that these do not change, even during vibrations. ZEISS Dimension lenses feature a compact, lightweight and robust aluminum housing. “This makes the lenses better able to withstand vibrations and extreme temperatures,” says Pollmann.

Scales that are always easy to read

Due to the different mounting positions and design limitations in industrial applications, the lens scale is often hided or difficult to read after installation. That's not the case with the ZEISS Dimension family: the focus and aperture scales of the lens can still be rotated after installation until the scale values are clearly visible.

High-contrast shots up to the near-infrared wavelength range

According to Pollmann, the optics manufacturer is using the ZEISS Dimension family to raise the bar in terms of resolution and image quality. In order to utilize this performance for as many applications as possible, thanks to their special coating the lenses can be used throughout the visible spectral range and right up to the near-infrared wavelength range. “Customers benefit from the high-res images that the ZEISS Dimension delivers in the near-infrared range primarily in terms of quality inspections, e.g. for foods and solar cells,” says Pollmann. “This makes it easy to identify any damage on the product that we couldn't see in the visible wavelength range.”

Price and Availability

The ZEISS Dimension lens family will be available by end of 2018. A list of distribution partners can be found on the ZEISS website; prices and other technical data are available on request.

For more information, please visit: www.zeiss.com/dimension

ZEISS Dimension product photos are available here.

The six focal lengths of the ZEISS Dimension family range from 8 to 50 millimeters and have been designed for cameras with a sensor size of up to 4/3 inches. Image Download

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