ZEISS brings Premium Gaming to VR Headsets

The VR streaming solution ZEISS VR ONE Connect has all the virtues of a mobile VR headset coupled with the performance of a gaming computer; data is transferred from a PC and appears directly on your smartphone screen. For the first time, Steam®1 platform VR games can be played on a mobile VR headset.

OBERKOCHEN/Germany, 2017-08-29.

Optical company ZEISS will be presenting its new VR product ZEISS VR ONE Connect at IFA 2017 (hall 11.1, booth 126) in Berlin: the VR streaming solution features two wireless controllers and combines the graphical possibilities of PC-connected VR headsets with the simplicity afforded by a mobile VR headset. “Unlike previous mobile VR solutions, the smartphone hardware is no longer responsible for computing VR content,” says ZEISS product manager Franz Troppenhagen. “Instead, data is transferred from a computer straight to your smartphone.” The connection to the Steam® platform means that a large number of exciting VR games can be played on smartphones for the first time ever. “In combination with the VR ONE Plus headset, we offer a complete solution,” says Troppenhagen.

Virtual reality has really taken off in the last few years, and two trends have emerged: “First you have got pricy VR gaming headsets with complex cabling and sensors, and permanently integrated screens designed for use with a gaming computer,” explains Troppenhagen. “Such high-end devices deliver impressive VR applications and games. Second, there are affordable mobile VR headsets that work with a smartphone. Here, all VR content is computed by mobile hardware – and it quickly reaches its limits wherever sophisticated graphics are concerned. That’s why there have only been a handful of high-end games for mobile VR headsets so far. ZEISS VR ONE Connect is our way of bridging the gap between the two worlds.”

Hours of gaming fun thanks to ergonomic controllers

“In addition to its premium quality, the benefits of ZEISS VR ONE Connect are its comparatively low price and its user-friendliness,” says Troppenhagen. To use it, all you need is one of the latest smartphones (iOS®2 or Android™3) between 4.7 and 5.5 inches in size: simply insert it into the ZEISS VR ONE Plus headset and you’re good to go! The smartphone’s built-in sensors record the wearer’s head movements.

A key feature of ZEISS VR ONE Connect are two wireless 3DoF controllers. DoF stands for “degrees of freedom”. “3DoF” means that three motion axes are recorded by the sensors: tilting forwards, swiveling to the left or right, and rotating your wrist. The controllers are compact and lightweight. Thanks to their ergonomic shape and non-slip surface, you won’t drop them even after hours of gameplay.

Simple setup, low latency

The controllers and the smartphone are linked via Bluetooth®4. You can intuitively operate the VR games through the integrated touchpads and the trigger buttons. The interplay between the sensors in the controllers and those in the smartphone enables gamers to interact with the VR environment and dive into the virtual world with great ease. The input delay, or latency, is low: this creates a smooth VR experience.

SteamVR™ games

Your smartphone and the ZEISS VR ONE Plus are linked to a VR-ready computer via USB. ZEISS VR ONE Connect has been optimized for use with SteamVR™ and works with current games and other platform content. Steam® is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces for computer games and software. Since 2014 SteamVR™ has been a well-known sales platform for VR content. That’s why there’s such a comprehensive range of premium titles that ZEISS VR ONE Connect owners can access.

According to Troppenhagen, ZEISS VR ONE Connect also benefits from technical advances over the long term: a higher-resolution smartphone display, a powerful processor and a faster graphics card in the gaming computer all make for a better VR experience.

Price and availability

ZEISS VR ONE Connect5 is set to be released at the end of 2017 and will retail for €129 (RRP incl. tax). Included are two wireless 3DoF controllers, a USB cable to connect the headset to your computer, a cable clip and the software. As a bundle with the ZEISS VR ONE Plus headset, the RRP incl. tax is €199. Interested parties can log onto www.zeiss.com/vrconnect to subscribe to the ZEISS VR newsletter and stay up to date with the sales start and other VR topics.

You can download product photos here.

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The interplay between the sensors in the controllers and those in the smartphone enables gamers to interact with the VR environment and dive into the virtual world with great ease.


ZEISS VR ONE Connect features two wireless controllers and combines the graphical possibilities of PC-connected VR headsets with the simplicity afforded by a mobile VR headset.


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