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ZEISS presents its photorealistic 3D scanner and 3D scan service at Hannover Messe

OBERKOCHEN/Germany, HANNOVER/Germany | 23 April 2018 | Corporate News

At Hannover Messe, the trade fair for Smart Production, ZEISS will be presenting RealScan, its first-ever 3D scanner and 3D scan service used to create photorealistic 3D models. “This new product is the result of the expertise of the ZEISS core disciplines metrology and photography”, says Andreas Klavehn, Director of Virtual Media at ZEISS, summarizing the product innovation.

From product presentation in the online shop to realistic representations in games and interactive training applications based on augmented reality, 3D technology is assuming an increasingly important role across all communication media and in our day-to-day lives. Klavehn is convinced that: “With RealScan, ZEISS already has the key to the presentation and documentation methods of tomorrow. 3D representations are a whole new and sophisticated take on classic product photos and are therefore of particular interest for the product industry, online retailers and product manufacturers.”

Capturing an object in 3D in a precise and photorealistic way is quite a challenge. “Unlike with two-dimensional scans, it’s not enough to simply capture color points and accurately replicate them.” ZEISS has developed its own, patented algorithm just to capture the spatial position of an object’s surface points. According to Klavehn, the ZEISS RealScan cloud is where “digital data [is created], i.e. three-dimensional copies or ‘digital twins’ of the scanned objects. The ZEISS RealScan thus creates a neutral, objective version of reality – with all its details.” Be it wood, leather, plastic or even foods, any object can be reproduced with all its tiny surface and material details.

“Special details such as those on delicious crusty bread, plush leather shoes, the fine pores of a wooden bowl or the intricate design of a plastic surface are no problem for the ZEISS RealScan,” claims Klavehn.
“When combined with classic electronic image creation and processing (computer-generated imagery, CGI) the ZEISS RealScan opens up whole new creative possibilities. Not only does it cut down on lengthy modeling work, it also creates new possibilities for reproducing complex surfaces.”

ZEISS is convinced that RealScan is far more than just a tool for use in retail and industry – it’s also great for use in museums and scientific environments. Thanks to its high resolution and true-to-life depictions, the ZEISS RealScan is ideal for documentation purposes. Whether it’s for digitally reproducing artifacts or for exhibitions, the ZEISS RealScan is just so easy to use.

The ZEISS RealScan software guides the user through the scanning process. Right after the scan, the software reproduces the 3D model in the ZEISS RealScan cloud. At the end of the process, data will be available that can be used and edited in the standard .obj format. “Users in the know can take care of the further processing in any 3D program.”

ZEISS offers two versions of the RealScan, as well as the required hardware and software directly, as part of its rental service. The 3D models can then be created via the ZEISS RealScan cloud. The price of the scanned 3D model will vary depending on the object. Customers can also send the object to the ZEISS Scan Center for scanning.

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Andreas Klavehn
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ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the optics and optoelectronics industries. The ZEISS Group develops, produces and distributes measuring technology, microscopes, medical technology, eyeglass lenses, camera and cinema lenses, binoculars and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. With its solutions, the company constantly advances the world of optics and helps shape technological progress. ZEISS is divided up into the four segments Research & Quality Technology, Medical Technology, Vision Care/Consumer Products and Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology. The ZEISS Group is represented in more than 40 countries and has over 50 sales and service locations, more than 30 manufacturing sites and about 25 research and development centers around the globe.

In fiscal year 2016/17 the company generated revenue approximating €5.3 billion with around 27,000 employees. Founded in 1846 in Jena, the company is headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany. Carl Zeiss AG is the strategic management holding company that manages the ZEISS Group. The company is wholly owned by the Carl Zeiss Stiftung (Carl Zeiss Foundation).

Press Contact

Andreas Klavehn
Phone: +49 7364 20-4978
pr ess @zeiss .com

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