ZEISS: Helping out Where It's Needed

  • Fast, straightforward and diverse aid campaigns at multiple locations worldwide
  • ZEISS has already donated over 250,000 masks in Germany 

All over the world, the company and its employees are joining the fight against the spread and consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fast, straightforward aid campaigns at the ZEISS locations

An important element during the aid campaigns was to ensure that enough masks were available. In recent weeks, ZEISS has donated over 250,000 masks of different types to healthcare institutions. The masks were given to the places that needed them the most: hospitals, doctors' surgeries, and healthcare establishments. In collaboration with the respective regions, ZEISS has also helped out those in the immediate surroundings of its locations, e.g. through donations to hospitals at the ZEISS locations in the Ostalb region, Jena and Berlin.

In addition to the donations, ZEISS is utilizing its expertise and presence in China to continue supporting the state of Thuringia and the Ostalb region by procuring large quantities of masks.

Global, multi-pronged approach in the fight against the pandemic

ZEISS is supplying masks and PPE to hospitals in China and Germany. They help reduce the risk of infection among medical staff when performing the exams needed during the coronavirus pandemic. This includes highly specific PPE, like a newly developed "slit lamp breath shield" for medical staff and ophthalmologists that lowers the risk of infection during necessary medical exams.
In addition:

  • ZEISS is helping out with research efforts into the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) by supplying microscopes and software.
  • ZEISS employees in France offered laptops to help disadvantaged schoolkids attend class via the web. 
  • ZEISS is expanding its range of webinars and virtual learning programs, thus enabling customers to continue learning while social distancing rules are in place. 
  • ZEISS has been supplying Medical Technology segment customers with specific "breath shields" for ophthalmic slit lamps, which were developed and trialled in China, and are now being shipped internationally.

Responsible action is a matter of course for ZEISS

"By committing to help in various ways, ZEISS is doing its part to support the public healthcare system and society as a whole. ZEISS has been taking fast, straightforward action wherever it is urgently needed. This reflects how ZEISS sees itself as a foundation company and is anchored in its history, which spans almost 175 years," says Dr. Christian Müller, Executive Board Member and CFO of the ZEISS Group.