Social Engagement

According to the Carl Zeiss Foundation’s statutes, a central aspiration of ZEISS is to promote scientific and technological progress in the field of optics to improve living conditions worldwide.

Thanks to this aspiration, ZEISS plays an active role in society, with a focus on health, education and science, a commitment to social and cultural issues, and the environment – also beyond the company’s own sites.

The Carl Zeiss Foundation

As a company operating under the umbrella of the Carl Zeiss Foundation (Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung), ZEISS implements the stipulations anchored in the Foundation statute and campaigns on behalf of its employees and society as a whole.


Health care promotion

Thanks to its high-precision solutions, ZEISS helps drive progress in medicine and assists doctors all over the world in enhancing their patients' quality of life.


Commitment to education and science

ZEISS fosters up-and-coming young scientists – from preschool children right up to PhD students – through a variety of educational programs.


Social and cultural promotion

ZEISS sponsors social and cultural projects, initiatives and facilities at its sites, thus sponsoring the individual regions over the long term.


Promotion of nature conservation

ZEISS actively promotes nature and animal conservation and turns nature observation into a truly unique experience through its products.


Funding and grant initiatives

ZEISS sponsors projects at individual sites with the Carl Zeiss Promotion Fund as well as cross-regional and international initiatives through the Education and Science Funds.