Information on submitting requests to the

Carl Zeiss Promotion Fund or the Education and Science Fund

Check here to see if your project is eligible for funding. Furthermore, you can find the essential formal requirements to submit a funding request for your project.

1. Projects eligible for funding

1.1 Who can be sponsored?

The Carl Zeiss Promotion Fund is generally intended to sponsor projects at the ZEISS locations in Aalen, Oberkochen, Jena, Göttingen and Wetzlar. Regardless of location, requests can be submitted to fund projects in education and science.

1.2 What can be sponsored?

1.2.1 Education and training
Projects for the education and personal development of children and young people from pre-school age until the completion of their school years can be sponsored. Funding focuses on projects which promote STEM qualifications (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

1.2.2 Society and social affairs
Projects which enable socially disadvantaged children and young people who do not have any personal means to participate in age-appropriate leisure activities, contribute to personal development or promote integration can be sponsored.

1.2.3 Art and culture
Projects which make art and culture accessible to broad sectors of the population can be sponsored.

1.2.4 Amateur sports
Projects which enable young people to play sports can be sponsored. Projects relating to amateur sports are given preference over those for niche sports.

1.2.5 Education and science
Projects and initiatives for the promotion of young people and their scientific skills, primarily following their graduation, as well as projects and initiatives at universities and research institutes. These may be work groups or student research projects. The focus is on the natural sciences and engineering, particularly optics
and photonic.

1.3 Who can be sponsored?

Beneficiaries and thus applicants must be

legal entities, clubs,
organizations and initiatives,

who can provide evidence from the tax authorities of the recognition of their non-profit status.

In exceptional cases, student groups and individual persons - the latter only if section 1.2.5 applies - may be sponsored on the condition that the request for funding is accompanied by a corresponding recommendation from a university or university of applied sciences and this recommendation includes an informative justification in addition to the signature of the dean and a professor from the relevant department, or funding is provided in the form of sponsorship.

Co-financing is possible.

Preference is given to start-up funding (e.g. investments rather than the permanent payment of personnel costs) and pilot projects that serve as models.

2. These projects cannot be sponsored

  • projects in the areas of “Education and Training”, “Society and Social Affairs”, “Art and Culture” and “Amateur Sports” (point 1.2), outside of the ZEISS sites in Oberkochen/Aalen, Jena, Göttingen and Wetzlar; however, projects in neighboring communities affiliated with the main ZEISS sites may be included in funding
  • private persons who have run into financial difficulties, regardless of the reason
  • projects that serve private purposes - unless point 1.2.5 applies
  • grants for private persons, unless point 1.2.5 applies
  • loans and sureties
  • continuous or regular funding
  • political parties
  • professional sports
  • individual persons in general, unless point 1.2.5 applies


3. Funding requests

Applications are accepted exclusively online via Please use the application form which is provided there. The description of the project should not exceed the scope of an A4 page. In addition to the project description, this should include a schedule as well as a cost and financing plan, including details of the applicant’s own means and co-financing by other donors.

Funding applications may be submitted at any time. In the event that funding is granted, the applicant is obliged to report to representatives of ZEISS upon request on the sponsored project during the project and following its completion, and to explain the sponsorship project and the allocation of resources.

4. The funding decisions

Generally speaking, decisions on applications received in the area of site funding or for education and science funding are made twice yearly. Deviations from this general rule may occur if project completion is bound to a certain timeframe. In the area of interregional education and science funding, decisions are made in the course of the year (generally within two months). Applicants are generally notified 14 days after a decision is made of positive funding decisions or rejections.

There is no claim to funding or to justifications for rejections, even if the specified funding criteria have been fundamentally fulfilled.

5. Provision of the grant funds

In the event of a positive funding decision, the resources are made available to the applicant promptly and usually in their entirety. If the funding is in the form of co-financing, the sponsorship amount is paid out only when total funding is ensured. After receiving the funding resources, the recipient issues a corresponding funding receipt.

Oberkochen, October 2013