»Jugend forscht« Young Scientists' Competition

Since 1998, ZEISS has been the sponsor of Jugend forscht (“Youth Doing Research”), Germany’s oldest and best-known competition for up-and-coming researchers. With the regional competition in east Württemberg, ZEISS provides children and young people of the region with a platform for presenting their scientific research questions and work.


The “Jugend forscht” competition is the largest European competition in the natural sciences and technology for young people under 21. Jugend forscht was initiated by Henri Nannen in 1965.

The participants are divided into two age-groups:
Students experiment (< 15 years of age) and Youth researches (≥ 15 years of age)

The competition participants present their work to a jury in written and verbal form. The jury consists of teachers and representatives from colleges and industry.

Seven Subject Areas

Projects may be submitted in one of the following seven subject areas:

  • the working environment
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • geo and space sciences
  • mathematics/computer sciences
  • physics and
  • technology

In particular the "working environment" field offers young people carrying out apprenticeships the opportunity to take part in the competition.


Participants must register by November 30 each year. Registration is done online at:

Here you’ll find all information relevant to the competition.