Products and Value Chain

ZEISS’s success is built upon top quality and ongoing innovation. Optical technologies pave the way for innovations in numerous industries. The development of new products is focused squarely on meeting customer needs. This is what ZEISS customers know and expect. This includes the responsible creation of a value chain – from the raw material supplier to the sale of the product.

ZEISS offers a wide variety of different products and, accordingly, has very different customer groups – from hospitals and medical practices to research laboratories and technology companies to automotive manufacturers and consumers. What they have in common is that, to all of them, the name ZEISS means a promise of quality, innovation, safety, reliability, and responsibility. And for many of them, the name ZEISS also stands for better health and improved quality of life. As such, ZEISS products and services contribute to medical advancements in neurosurgery and ENT surgery and support physicians on every continent in improving the quality of life of their patients. Eyeglass lenses from ZEISS help people around the world enjoy better vision. And intelligent measuring systems from ZEISS help increase efficiency in many different industries.  

Product Safety and Product Development

ZEISS’s success is built upon top quality and ongoing innovation. In order to be and remain a recognized partner in every market, safe products are a must for ZEISS.

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Procurement and Supplier Management

Due to the significant amount of value created along the supply chain, the procurement process is critical to ZEISS’s long-term success.

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