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Also interested in ZEISS Stories?

ZEISS Stories gives you an insight into the fascinating world of ZEISS: doctors in the Amazon region who save human eyesight with medical technology from ZEISS or pictures of microscopic flowers created by a chemical reaction. ZEISS Stories takes you into the world of our customers and tells you about their ambitions and successes.

Saving Sight in the Amazonas

Cataracts are one of the disorders of the eye that can ultimately lead to blindness. Read here how diagnostic techniques help to save people’s sight in the Amazonas basin.

The World's Tiniest Flowers

Miniscule, delicate and blossoming nanostructures: these colorized SEM images show how microscopic flowers unfurl as a result of a chemical reaction – and they can only be observed under a scanning electron microscope.

3D Printed Microstructures Made Easy – A Small Chamber with Big Impact

Three-dimensional micro- and nanostructures can protect documents and branded products against counterfeiters. In the past, it was extremely time-consuming to create structures like these using liquids of different colors. Now, physicist Frederik Mayer has developed a chamber capable of making 3D printer-based manufacturing much faster and more precise.