ZEISS Academy

Training offers for ZEISS customers

Discover the wide selection of training options offered by the ZEISS Academy – specially designed for our customers. We offer you a range of user training sessions, e-learning modules and much more.

Please use the links to see overviews of each specialist area.

ZEISS Academy – Industrial Metrology

Industrial Metrology

Seminars and training in the field of industrial metrology provide you with the theory and practical knowledge for using various measuring methods and machines, as well as the software to match.

ZEISS Academy – Medical Technology

Medical Technology

In the field of medical technology, we offer clinical seminars as well as online training courses on application methods for our systems in a host of medical specialties.

ZEISS Academy – Microscopy

Microscopes, Imaging Software & Microscope Cameras

You’re sure to find courses and seminars on various microscopy techniques and processes to suit your needs. We offer in-depth training on state-of-the-art systems for the following areas:

  • Training for light microscopes
  • Training for laser scanning microscopes
  • Training for electron microscopes
  • Training for microscope software
ZEISS Academy – Sports Optics

Sports Optics

Binoculars, riflescopes, and spotting scopes

At the ZEISS Academy, you’ll find seminars and training courses on using your ZEISS optics for pure nature observation and in hunting.

At the ZEISS Training Academy, our seasoned specialists offer you hands-on training that demonstrates the right way to use your top-quality ZEISS optics for nature observation and in hunting.

  • Hunting
  • Nature Observation
ZEISS Academy – Vision Care

Vision Care

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eyeglass lenses and ophthalmic instruments, our Vision Care business group also offers you many interesting further development opportunities relevant to your business. From basic training to expert knowledge, specialist optical topics and ZEISS-specific content is conveyed in hands-on sessions.

Is your specialist field not on our list?

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