Opera with a Twist

2015 ZEISS Art Calendar

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ZEISS Art Calendar Archives

  • 2014 Calendar

    Moments in the City

    For the 2014 ZEISS Art Calendar, Mary McCartney captured fascinating images of New York. With her unique, expressive imagery, the famous photographer accompanies a couple who experience some very special moments together. In Manhattan they wallow in the magic of the city: they combine their own personal world with the charm of special sites and locations in the Big Apple. The protagonists are Hollywood stars Alec Baldwin and Gemma Arterton.

  • 2013 Calendar


    Love inspires our imagination to new flights of fantasy. And when it is confronted with separation, affection is often tinged with melancholy. This multilayered complexity is impressively conveyed by Michel Comte's multiply exposed compositions in the ZEISS Art Calendar 2013. The photos invite the observer to dive into this diversity and unravel the secret that they embody. New impressions are gained every time the photos are viewed.

  • 2012 Calendar

    Complementing Moments

    The 2012 calendar sets trends: reduced in color to almost totally black-and-white images, with the alluring charm of classical photography and the appealing wit of young, international stars. Ellen von Unwerth – Paris-based fashion photographer – stages “Complementing Moments” in her favorite city. Stories full of enthusiasm, passion or sensitivity in unusual situations.

    American Adrien Brody, winner of the Best Actor Oscar for his role in Roman Polanski’s The Pianist, meets Toni Garrn. The top international model with roots in in the Germany city of Hamburg has added fascinating flair to many magazines and campaigns in the beauty & fashion world. In the calendar photos we see the two protagonists alone – with pictures of the other in each case – or together in images that show their attraction to each other in a playful manner.

  • 2011 Calendar

    2011 – Bryan Adams turns tall and short upside down

    Rock star Bryan Adams is also a popular photographer. Actor Michael J. Fox and super model Tatjana Patitz put a new twist on tall and short in New York City.

  • 2009 Calendar

    2009 – Wim Wenders and the Palace of the Republic

    Set against the backdrop of the ruins of the Palace of the Republic in Berlin, the 2009 calendar depicted a love story in a doomed world told by directing great Wim Wenders and Hollywood stars Willem Dafoe and Amber Valleta.