Evangeline Klajic

Inside Sales Specialist

Eva is an Inside Sales Specialist and delivers high-level customer care. She feels passionate about doing whatever it takes to take care of the customer to develop trust and reliability – even if this means she takes private time during her vacations to visit or pick up the phone on the weekends.

Evangeline Klajic

Our products make a difference to people’s lives.

Eva also ensures that our products are in perfect condition through service contracts that deliver preventative maintenance. She has worked at ZEISS for ten years, because she trusts and believes in ZEISS products, knowing they make a difference to people’s lives.

Another strong personal reason for working and staying at ZEISS is the positive impact ZEISS technology had in her family life when her father received a cataract surgery. She was able to find the best ophthalmologist who uses ZEISS products as they are the best in the market.

Furthermore the company looks after its employees and takes good care of them also in terms of benefits like a good healthcare plan.

As an Ambassador for ZEISS, I focus on moments that matter in all of my interactions. In this way I deliver on the ZEISS Promise of a consistent product to all of my customers.

Evangeline Klajic, Inside Sales Specialist
Evangeline Klajic, Inside Sales Specialist

I share the company value of high-quality. ZEISS makes it a core goal to improve people’s lives in a tangible manner.

Eva shares the company value of high-quality. For her, that means always doing the right thing for the customer, and making decisions as if it was her own company.

ZEISS makes it a core goal to improve people’s lives in a tangible manner, and ZEISS continues to invest in innovation to remain at the forefront of technology.

Therefore she believes the company will remain relevant and stable among its competitors also in the future.

Her ZEISS Moment

During her private vacation in New York, she spontaneously visited one of her most important customers. The customer was so surprised, warmly welcomed and introduced her to the whole team.

This face-to-face meeting deepened also their professional relationship. For the customer this moment showed her passion to go above and beyond to deliver excellent product support.

My philosophy is that if I do my job with passion, positive results will happen.

Evangeline Klajic

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