Collaborating in the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation

Collaborating in the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation

ZEISS Innovation Center

Dublin, California

Based in one of the world’s premier innovation hubs, the ZEISS Innovation Center in Dublin, California, harnesses ZEISS’ leading technology, research, and customer service strengths. By bringing together business segments in an open, collaborative workplace, ZEISS is advancing digital and other breakthrough technologies in partnership with our industry, academic and community partners. 700 employees continuously enable our customer ambitions and drive growth.

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euros in revenue generated in FY 2020/21 in North America
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As one of the world’s top technology companies with a portfolio aligned with future growth areas like digitalization, healthcare and Smart Production, and a strong brand to boot, ZEISS is shaping the future far beyond the optics and optoelectronics industries. The company's significant, sustainable investments in research and development lay the foundation for the success and continued expansion of ZEISS' technology and market leadership.

For 175 years, the company has been shaping technological progress, advancing the world of optics with solutions from its four segments and meeting its customers' needs. In fiscal year 2020/21, the ZEISS Group generated annual revenue totaling 7.5 billion euros. With over 35,000 employees, ZEISS is active globally in almost 50 countries.

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As part of ZEISS’ innovation-focused culture, our employees are empowered to push technological boundaries, make meaningful contributions across the organization, and positively impact markets, industries and the well-being of people worldwide.

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Do you want to take on a new challenge? Are you ready to join a collaborative culture committed to advancing breakthrough technologies? Are you eager to make an impact worldwide? Are you interested in openings at the new ZEISS Innovation Center?

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The ZEISS Innovation Center is home to approximately 650 engineers, researchers, production experts, customer service and sales reps, and executives across key business and corporate groups. Through our individual and collective expertise, we offer both our customers and our industry, academic and community partners new ways to engage, network, collaborate and achieve ambitious new goals.

Medical Technology

The ZEISS Innovation Center serves as the U.S. headquarters for ZEISS Medical Technology, one of the world’s leading medical technology businesses. ZEISS Medical Technology offers complete diagnostic, refractive and surgical solutions for ophthalmic diseases and in the field of microsurgery, the business provides innovative visualization solutions.

The California-based Innovation Center is one of ZEISS Medical Technology’s leading worldwide medical technology innovation locations and serves as the research and development and production site for Ophthalmic Diagnostic medical solutions globally, creating and supplying cutting-edge technologies for ophthalmology. In addition, the site is the U.S. hub for medical technology sales and service, customer support, and professional education. It features a state-of-the-art eye clinic, customer experience center, along with digital training rooms for employees and customers and to bring customers the best solutions to meet their needs.

The co-location of ZEISS Medical Technology with other ZEISS companies offers additional collaborative opportunities, particularly in image processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. To continue fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation, the site is devoted to developing medical technology innovations that shape our world by improving the quality of life for patients and driving progress, efficiency and access to healthcare.

Explore stories in ophthalmology and microsurgery

X-ray Microscopy

The ZEISS Innovation Center houses ZEISS X-ray Microscopy R&D labs, product design, production, demo centers and customer experience labs, as well as customer service teams. X-ray Microscopy, or XRM, is part of the ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions strategic business unit, which falls under the ZEISS Industrial Quality & Research segment.

After its 2013 acquisition, XRM (formerly Xradia) brought to ZEISS innovations in non-destructive 3D X-ray imaging, including new applications in materials research, electronics and semiconductor failure analysis, industrial quality applications, oil and gas exploration, as well as life science research. Using ZEISS X-ray microscopes, researchers continue to make substantial scientific discoveries across multiple disciplines, underscored by over 1,500 scientific publications based on research conducted with these microscopes in the past five years alone.

By sharing space in the ZEISS Innovation Center, XRM and other ZEISS units are strongly positioned to pursue new opportunities that optimize ZEISS expertise in areas such as optics, image processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. XRM also belongs to a global ZEISS network of X-ray core competency centers that foster the exchange of insights, competencies and innovative approaches to address customers’ toughest challenges.

Microscopy Customer Center

The ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center gives academic and industry customers across North America both in-person and virtual opportunities to interact with the latest ZEISS electron, light, and X-ray microscopes. Part of the ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions business, the Customer Center is supported by resident application experts in life science, materials research, and electronics who review customers' requirements and applications to provide them with the best possible solutions. Customers also have access to a sophisticated sample preparation laboratory that supports the materials research, electronics and life science markets.

Among the latest ZEISS microscopy solutions on display in the Customer Center are the new Axio Observer with AI Sample Finder, Lattice Lightsheet 7, Gemini SEM 460, Gemini SEM 560, Crossbeam Laser FIB, Cryo correlative workflow, and Crystal CT. The Customer Center is fully equipped with the latest technology for customers to access these and other ZEISS microscopes through remote channels.

Direct customer interaction with ZEISS technology is an integral part of the commitment by ZEISS to continually drive innovation and shape new markets. The location of the Customer Center in the ZEISS Innovation Center therefore serves as an ideal location to promote the intersection of ideas between various ZEISS businesses and experts, and to serve as a networking hub for academia and industry.

Process Control Solutions


The ZEISS Innovation Center houses Process Control Solutions, part of ZEISS’ Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) segment that enables the success of microchip manufacturers around the globe.

With its strategic partner ASML, ZEISS SMT has redefined the technologies possibilities in chip manufacturing, especially through developing and introducing the ground-breaking Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) technologies. Thanks to this, ZEISS lithography optics, chip fabs around the globe can expose their wafers with nanometer precision – laying the foundation for the production of extremely powerful microchips.


The ZEISS Innovation Center’s open, flexible workspace invites interaction across businesses, functions, and roles, and empowers individuals and teams to test new ideas, build diverse networks, and shape the market. In line with spirit underlying ZEISS’ 175th anniversary, the Center underscores ZEISS’ long-held commitment to open, unbiased, collaborative problem-solving and breakthrough technologies benefitting current and future generations across the globe.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

This year, we celebrated Halloween at the ZEISS Innovation Center California with not one but two festivities! We had a Halloween celebration for our employees and their families to kick off the Halloween weekend. The families enjoyed a spooky Medical Customer Center, examined spiders under the microscope and children could present their costumes. On Halloween the adults dressed up and did a costume competition.

Sustainability Week

Sustainability Week

ZEISS celebrated its second Sustainability Week in North America to encourage employees to integrate sustainability into their daily business and private lives. Throughout the week, Zeissians went on “Sustainability Walks”, listened to colleagues explaining their sustainability approaches at their sites, challenged each other with a Trivia Night, and ate vegan food for a day. Not to mention the breathtaking and insightful speech by Jo Ruxton MBE, who talked about how to sustain and conserve the environment and ocean life.
Let’s keep working together to create a more sustainable future!

ZEISS joins San Francisco Marathon

Did someone say BBQ?

Grilling the perfect burger is no joke and demands the highest degree of concentration! We had a blast getting together for our first ZEISS Employee BBQ at our new ZEISS Innovation Center California. A big thank you to the Activity Committee for organizing and our managers for their engagement! Burgers, drinks, games, sunshine and our amazing #teamZEISS – just a typical weekday afternoon.

ZEISS joins San Francisco Marathon

Zeppelin University visits the ZEISS Innovation Center

ZEISS had the pleasure to welcome students of Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen. During their Executive Master in Family Entrepreneurship they were on an international learning expedition in the United States and stepped by the ZEISS Innovation Center California. We had a great time talking to the students and answering all of their questions in regard to finding new talents, thinking about new innovations and growing the network of a company.

ZEISS joins San Francisco Marathon

Women in Imaging and Industry Applications

ZEISS joined the “Women in Imaging and Industry Applications Bootcamp” from University of Berkeley and opened its doors to those amazingly talented students! ZEISS women scientists talked about their career paths after university and how they ended up with ZEISS. They are proud to act as role models for women who want to pursue a career in STEM.

ZEISS joins San Francisco Marathon
JULY 2022

ZEISS joins the San Francisco Marathon

More than 20 runners from the ZEISS Innovation Center California joined the San Francisco Marathon on the weekend and took part in four different categories: the full marathon, half marathon, or just the 10 or 5k. ZEISS proudly sponsored its employees and encouraged them to put on their running shoes and compete against each other or for personal bests. Congratulations to all those who took part and, in some cases, even surprised themselves.

Dublin's Mayor visits the ZEISS Innovation Center
JULY 2022

Dublin's Mayor visits the ZEISS Innovation Center

Dublin’s Mayor Melissa Hernandez and StopWaste Executive Director Timothy Burroughs visited the ZEISS Innovation Center California. ZEISS received the local StopWaste Award in June, so the tour for our guests was focused on the sustainability strategy ZEISS is driving at its new high-tech site. We hope to welcome them again for presenting new sustainability activities and innovative research made by ZEISS.

The Innovation Center becomes a movie star
JULY 2022

The Innovation Center becomes a movie star

3…2…1… – and action! Sneak peek on what’s been going on recently: Tri-Valley Community Television is doing a feature about our ZEISS Innovation Center California. Let’s change scene, so the filming crew can get on with their work. We will be sharing the final cut with you soon!  

ZEISS North America celebrates Pride Month
JUNE 2022

ZEISS North America celebrates Pride Month

June is Pride Month. It’s as good a time as any to recognize our LGBTQIA+ colleagues, communities and allies and celebrate diversity together. On Pride Day, Torey, our LGBTQIA+ employee network group leader at ZEISS North America, continued our diversity series and gave a presentation about “The Origins of Pride!” Of course, we also enjoyed some special (rainbow) dessert options in the office.

ZEISS North America celebrates Juneteenth
JUNE 2022

ZEISS North America celebrates Juneteenth

June 19 is Juneteenth, a time for reflection, creating awareness, celebrating the achievements of African Americans throughout history, and honoring their culture. In recognition of this important day, ZEISS North America invited the nonprofit organization Hip Hop For Change to the ZEISS Innovation Center California for a keynote on diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging accompanied by Hip Hop performances! We would like to thank the team for their insights in Hip Hop history and its relation to empowerment, multiculturalism, inclusion and allyship in the workplace!

German Consul General visits ZICC
JUNE 2022

German Consul General, Oliver Schramm, visits the ZEISS Innovation Center

German Consul General Oliver Schramm and Economic Counselor Marc Lendermann visited the ZEISS Innovation Center California. ZEISS is headquartered at the Swabian Ostalb in Germany and is represented in North America at more than 20 sites and 4,000 employees. That’s why having a fruitful exchange with Germany is important. We had a great time showing our guests the innovative and precise products in our high-tech building.

Dr. Karl Lamprecht visits ZICC
JUNE 2022

Dr. Karl Lamprecht, President and CEO, visits the ZEISS Innovation Center

Last week, Dr. Karl Lamprecht, President and CEO of ZEISS, visited the ZEISS Innovation Center California for the first time. We were so pleased to have three full days with him which included a Townhall meeting, multiple “Meet the CEO” sessions, customer visits, being a doctor for a minute, and withstand the “speed question crossfire”. We would like to thank Dr. Lamprecht for his visit and hope to welcome him again soon.

StopWaste Award
JUNE 2022

ZEISS Innovation Center California wins local StopWaste Award

ZEISS received the StopWaste Award for its ZEISS Innovation Center in Dublin, California. The StopWaste Award recognizes Alameda County organizations for their efforts in upstream waste prevention through reuse, recycling, and composting. Furthermore, the program honors continuous efforts to improve environmental performance and business efficiency.

MAY 2022

World Day for Cultural Diversity

Sharing culture through food. World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on May 21 aims to bridge the gap between cultures. ZEISS North America promotes diversity and inclusion that also extends beyond today. This week employees at multiple ZEISS sites across North America had the opportunity to enjoy an international lunch break and teach their colleagues about their own culture.

MAY 2022

International Day of Light

ZEISS once again took part in “International Day of Light”, an annual global initiative by UNESCO focusing on the appreciation of light and the role it plays in science. Sure thing for ZEISS to join – as a company with a broad portfolio in optics and optoelectronics. Light is fundamental to our research and our products. Throughout the day ZEISS experts gave a series of talks and demonstrations on the intersection between the spectrum of light and optical technologies.

MAY 2022

Keynote on Diversity and Inclusion

Promote diversity, the inclusion of multiple perspectives, ideas and ways of thinking – to learn more and to create awareness about this important topic Aisha Suleiman, an award-winning diversity and inclusion advocate, shared in an keynote important insights with ZEISS employees in North America on diversity and inclusion.

APRIL 2022

ZEISS Announces U.S. FDA Clearance of the QUATERA 700, a Revolution in Phaco Technology

The latest technology from ZEISS empowers surgeons with one complete, digitally integrated cataract workflow for efficiency without compromise.

APRIL 2022

ZEISS Earns Intel’s 2022 EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award

ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology is proud to announce that it has earned Intel’s EPIC Distinguished Supplier Award. Through its dedication to excellence, partnership, inclusion, and continuous quality improvement, ZEISS has achieved a level of performance that consistently exceeds Intel’s expectations.

APRIL 2022

ZEISS Innovation Day

ZEISS Medical Technology will host ZEISS Innovation Day on April 7, 2022, showcasing clinical perspectives from global experts whose first-hand experiences support the value of integrating devices, data and software applications. New integrated ophthalmic workflows enabled by the ZEISS Medical Ecosystem create a digital environment reshaping patient care.

Ribbon Cutting
APRIL 2022

Ribbon cutting event at the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center

ZEISS will host a ribbon cutting event at its ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center, housed within the ZEISS Innovation Center California. The ribbon cutting will take place on April 7, 2022 at 11:30 a.m. PDT and will be live streamed from the facility. Researchers, scientists and the Bay Area community can access the live stream here.

MARCH 2022

International Women's Day: Break the bias!

On March 8, the United States join the world in celebrating International Women´s Day - a day honouring the social, economic, cultural, political and scientific achievements of women, raising awareness about women’s equality and lobbying to accelerate gender parity. ZEISS is promoting gender equality by advocating for a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

1930er Magazine cover with Estelle Glancy
MARCH 2022

Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a dedicated month to reflect on the often overlooked contributions of women to history, culture and society. The 2022 theme is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope” – a perfect link to the countless women who have shaped and influenced ZEISS in the company’s 175 year-long history. 

JULY 2021

ZEISS introduces the fully integrated, data-driven medical ecosystem

The ZEISS Medical Ecosystem enables multiple layers of added value by connecting devices, data and applications to optimize clinical management of patients.

ZEISS Innovation Center in Dublin

ZEISS celebrates 175 years of technological success

When university mechanic Carl Zeiss opened his precision mechanics workshop in Jena, Germany 175 years ago, he could not have foreseen how his work would transform the world of optics. The company that grew out of its founder's passion for functional, science-based discoveries – the ZEISS Group – is a global technology leader today.

ZEISS Innovation Center in Dublin
JULY 2021 - external article

Designs for new ZEISS HQ puts history of company on display

Over the past ten years, since 2011, optics and optoelectronics technology company ZEISS has undertaken a global investment strategy to expand and modernize its office sites worldwide. In recent months, ZEISS has completed the build-out of its latest high tech sites in Dublin, California.

ZEISS Innovation Center in Dublin
MARCH 2021

ZEISS Innovation Center in Dublin, California

Based in one of the world’s premier innovation hubs, the ZEISS Innovation Center in Dublin, California harnesses ZEISS’ leading technology, research, and customer service strengths.

ZEISS Innovation Center in Dublin
JULY 2019

ZEISS marks milestone for its new high tech site in Dublin, California

The internationally leading optics and optoelectronics technology enterprise ZEISS completed the “steel topping out” phase of its new high tech site in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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