ZiB Goes Digital

This edition of ZiB marks an important transition. For the first time ever, the magazine is appearing in a digital format only, available on the Internet. The reason is simple: 'Go digital' – the cover feature of this issue of ZiB –
has become a key focus at our company. So it only seems right for us to go digital, too, at least for the ZiB 2.2015 issue.

To help us make this transition we decided to focus on the five accelerators from the Carl Zeiss Agenda 2016. With 'Execute Fast,' 'Simplify' and 'Be courageous' in mind, we developed a concept quickly and pragmatically, drawing on our existing resources, adjusting them as necessary, and evolving the project to the next level. Throughout that process, we never lost sight of the need to 'Be the Brand.' And the final accelerator of 'Go digital' is obviously fully embraced by our ZiB 2.2015 digital edition.

So did we get everything right the first time? No – but we certainly learned a lot! Thinking digitally and tailoring the magazine topics to a digital format has been a huge learning experience. Some things were new for us, and a few still are. But 'Learn as you go' – another key message within our company – is an integral part of what we do. And that's why we're so keen to get your feedback. What do you like about our digital edition? And what can we improve? We would love to hear from you, so please email us at z ib @zeiss .com to share your experiences with the digital ZiB.

So what about the next issue of ZiB? Well, at the moment there are plenty of good reasons to continue publishing a print version of ZiB. So fall 2015 will once again see the magazine appear in print format alongside the digital ZiB. But we'll be continuing to focus on the ongoing development of our digital editions. Because 'Go digital' is the future – and that holds true for internal communications, too!

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