Paula Janine Catolico:

"You need to be able to put yourself in the customer's shoes at any time."

My Job at ZEISS

Senior Marketing Communications & PR Executive

Six countries, five business groups – Paula Janine Catolico's tasks are as diverse as her work environment. As Senior Marketing Communications and PR Executive, Catolico helps shape the image of ZEISS portrayed in the Southeast Asia region and how ZEISS is perceived by customers and employees alike.

Paula Janine Catolico has been working at ZEISS for three and a half years. She took up a post in the Marketing Communications department at ZEISS in Southeast Asia directly after completing her studies in Design and Corporate Communications. Since then, based at Headquarters in Singapore, she has been supporting the business groups of the Sales and Service Company (SSC) in their tasks in the areas of marketing and internal and external communication. "It’s all about getting the ZEISS brand out there as efficiently as possible across different channels – ranging from traditional offline media to digital campaigns," Catolico explains.

Employee communications, marketing materials, events and campaigns – offline or digital, on the intranet, on the ZEISS website or in social media – and this for representations in six countries. Catolico continues: "A constant struggle I face is finding the right marriage and balance between the customer’s needs, effective communication and the Corporate Design. It’s difficult, but I get to be creative in ways that can even still surprise me sometimes."

Building bridges between six countries

ZEISS operates in six countries of the Southeast Asian economic region: alongside Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, there are representations in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. As Administrator of the online marketing database of Microscopy Asia Pacific, Catolico works with colleagues spread across the entire region to realign their local marketing materials then share them with the rest of the team in APAC. "This increases efficiency so new materials don’t have to be re-created."

Catolico is also responsible for the Facebook page and website of the company and the business groups in the region. "I love that I’m able to work with people from different business groups – not just in Southeast Asia, but also in other parts of the world. I learn many things from them and allow myself to be inspired by their ideas and later on, see how these can be applied to our SSC," says Catolico.

For example, she was able to incorporate these learnings into a project that was implemented recently: "We created an interactive online browser-based forum on SharePoint for all ZEISS entities across Southeast Asia." The teams can upload their success stories and deposit files on this forum which is accessible by colleagues inside the network at any time. "The objective is to foster an online community where contributions from all countries are submitted and discussed, so that the teams can benefit from each other’s' experiences and share in the successes," Catolico explains.

Integrated processes from print to online

Catolico also maintains a social media calendar for Facebook. Like the website, this calendar is populated with events, news and promotions from the various business groups’ marketing calendars that are interesting to the fans and customers. It’s an integrated process where all things digital work together seamlessly – website, social media and electronic mailings and analytics.

The diversity of the tasks involved, and the need to balance the requirements of different people and projects, means that time is always an issue. "I love what I do, but I am also passionate about other things outside of work that I have to make time for," says Catolico, who is really happy to have found a job that lets her combine several of her interests. For her, what makes communication successful is very clear: "You need to be able to put yourself in the customer’s shoes at any time." Only then can you convey the right message concisely and energetically."

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Status meeting at headquarters in Singapore

Status meeting at headquarters in Singapore

Status meeting at headquarters in Singapore

Lagebesprechung im Headquarter in Singapur

Talking with colleagues from various departments

Talking with colleagues from various departments

Talking with colleagues from various departments

Im Austausch mit Kollegen aus verschiedenen Bereichen

ZEISS in Southeast Asia

ZEISS founded a representation in Southeast Asia, headquartered in Singapore, in 1990 to enhance customer care in the Industrial Metrology, Medical Technology, Microscopy, Vision Care and Consumer Optics business groups in the Southeast Asia region. Other direct sales and service companies are located in Malaysia and Thailand, and Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines are home to representations. In addition, there is a network of partners spread across the entire region.